Cultivating Gratitude

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Thumbs up And on this Day...

1. All the fun events I will be setting up for this week.
2. That my business is still growing in this weak economy.
3. That my employees actually look forward to the days they work.
4. That I have everything I need - so many go daily without the basics!
5. My warm fleece robe, because it is still so cold out!
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Thumbs up So Much To Be Thankful For...

1. My amazing husband of 18 years and an even more amazing relationship.
2. My self motivated, highly achieving children. (So lucky for this one!)
3. My clearly obese cat who makes me laugh.
4. THE SUN! Finally! And spring and temps. in the 60's!
5. For losing my weight in time for spring and all the cute clothes in the
6. For the nice lady at the dollar store that told me how nice I looked in my
new jeans... I am eternally grateful!
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Hi Built-- I have read The Law of Attraction.....yes I do believe in a lot of that kind of thing, about how you create your reality by the kind of attention you give to things, be it positive or negative (that's kind of in a nutshell, isn't it?) Being alive is such an amazing gift-- the older I get the more I get it.

Today I am grateful for the longer days, the blooming magnolia trees,Sammie my dog, Jim my husband, the perfect score I got on my first assignment, the flowers on the plum tree and baby figs on the fig tree and just making it.

And I am grateful for all of your warm and welcoming regard.
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Default Thankful For

1. My wonderful & beautiful family
2. Having a job I enjoy
3. Waking up happy
4. Watching my little doggy try to avoid the mud puddles
5. The snow is melting
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After posting on the 5-15 lb weigh in this morning and not having lost weight, I was driving over to the local park to run and thought "who cares about the scale, I have so much to be grateful for" so here is my list for today.

The snow hear in PA is finally melting and the sun is shining.
My very active kids are all healthy -all five of them
I have stayed faithful to eating and exercising since signing onto Fitday a month ago.
I actually ran 4 1/2 miles at the park this morning after not having run outside/hills since the fall.

Thanks for all the things you all have posted. They have encouraged me and often brought a smile to my face.
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wow-- MamboGirl-- 5 kids! Lucky you! That is so amazing!
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Just found this thread while listening to some really inspirational music. The two together couldn't have been more appropriate. I think this thread is wonderful.

1. First and foremost, I am grateful for a wonderful and supporting husband
2. Two daughters who grew up to be beautiful and wonderful women
3. Three darling grandchildren who brighten my day when they come running up to me with a big smile and giggle yelling "grandma"
4. My two cats who insist on sleeping with me each night (one under the covers snuggled up to my chest and one on my pillow above my head)
5. All the new friends / support I have found on this site who are making my journey so much easier. Thank you.

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1. Watching my 25-yr old daughter who recently broke her engagement with her boyfriend of 5 yrs move through her confusion and grief and get to the other side as she begins to blossom in her new career as a teacher and coach.

2. Having the occasional morning off from work.

3. Living in a part of the world where I get to experience each of the four seasons.

4. Seeing old friends I haven't seen in a while and picking up right where we left off.

5. My house--not too big, not too small.
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Today I am grateful my husband came home safe from work one more night. I am grateful my children are healthy and happy. I am grateful for the changes I am beginning to see in myself, not just on the scale, but more energy and more patience with the kids. I'm still a work in progress, but I am grateful the progress is finally beginning to show.
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I am very grateful for:

-My amazing husband

-My dog Tiger, I know some people think I'm crazy but I swear, she is the 4 legged version of me.

-my great aunt, whom I can talk to about anything, and she always gives me very honest feedback. (sometimes, too honest)

-the supportive people on this forum.

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