5 - 15 Pounders Weekly Check-in 3/2

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Cassie: Woo Hoo! So glad to hear that scale isn't broken. Your perseverance is an inspiration!

EVERYONE: As said, I am very proud to be traveling this path with such a positive group of ladies! We may not be perfect (thank goodness), but everyone is aiming high! What impresses me is how everyone respects each person's right to choose her own path according to her needs and goals. Very refreshing!
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Default Weigh in

It is so helpful to read how every one struggles with weight loss, and adult peer pressure, and eating right. I know now that I am not the only one

Everyone is doing so well. Seeing your success keeps me motivated too.

I am down one pound this week. Started at 140 on 2/11 and am at 138. I haven't taken any measurements, but probably should. I know the jeans I am wearing today feel looser. Yeah! This despite the Girl Scout cookies arriving at my house, and a few meals out which I didn't know exactly how many calories they contained. Keep up the good work everyone!
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Ladies --

WOW! Big high five to everyone for such a great job, whether in maintenance or the journey to your goal! What an inspirational, fun group.

I know I'm the newbie on the thread -- I'd just love to know where everyone is from? Sorry I haven't had the time to go back & read thru all the threads yet -- I'm here in Northern Virginia, 20 minutes from Washington DC!

Can't wait to hear how the journeys continue to unfold...YOU GO GIRLS!!! Here's to getting your sexy on or improving what you already have (as my 20 yo daughter likes to say).... and that can mean whatever you want it to!!

Have a fabulous one.

PS I dropped an egg too this afternoon. 1/4 cup Edy's Girl Scout thin mint ice cream i bought today for my 13 yo son....but it hit the craving/sugar&dairy withdrawal spot & I'm THRILLED it wasn't the whole 1/2 gallon!! WOW - I did good!!! (probably because it took me 40 minutes on the elliptical to burn 600 calories this morning!) Exercise Pain reinforces no snacking in my book now!!
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Great job everyone!!! It's so good to see everyone focusing on being healthy instead of just the pounds...inches are a big indicator of the good you are doing for yourselves!

It's nice to know that we are all going through such similar situations trying to get fit and sexy! Cassie, I bought a bikini last summer and am determined to wear it to our lake trip with our friends this summer. My friends were making fun of me last year for wearing an "old lady" suit. One friend pointed out that I shouldn't care what other people think and that I probably would look better in one than at least 1/2 the people there I looked around and realized she was right!! So bikini here I come!

Kara, great job on the pant sizes, WOW! A 12 to an 8...amazing!!
Cherben, you are a trooper! Good luck on your 1/2 marathon training!
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Just wanted to jump in now that most of us have posted and say congratulations...everyone had something very positive come out of this week and I think we all took our learning experiences and turned them around as well! I am so proud of everyone! On a more personal note, you all are super and I doubt I would have made it through the past 3 weeks or so without the encouragement. It helps so much to have that from people who know where you're coming from without you having to start at the beginning and explain everything. Thanks bunches!!!

PS...Debbie, that thin mint ice cream comes in a light version, too...you can have half a cup next time What part of VA are you in? I have a niece in South Riding and family in western MD...have you had enough snow this year? I can also attest to the fact that it's challenging to buy and keep food that will meet the needs of a food-conscious 40-something female and a 13-year-old boy!!!
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Hey Cassie -- Small world. I live 10 minutes from South Riding. Shop in the Harris Teeter grocery store there daily - they have a fabulous sushi bar and the best strawberries right now. I can definitely say I'm ready for spring....we had more snow in 3 days a few weeks ago than the last 10 years combined. Even my son was begging to go back to school after the 13th snow day in a row...

The icecream was more the withdrawal craving for having to give up dairy...that's why i buy the "real" stuff -- it's not as appealing to me to eat. Thankfully my 13 yo son likes to eat pretty healthy, so not much junk food in the house. And I only buy the girlscout cookies 1 box at a time and he hides them in his room! GREAT SON!!!

Have a great one ladies....off to the my date with my elliptical

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looks like everyone is doing well. i kept up with my exercise all last week & even added bellydancing.
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I didn't do so well (ate about 1800 cal's every day, lots of treats and brownies and coffee cake every day at work for birthdays and meetings and such) and only did four 30 minute workouts, but luckily my weight didn't increase (yet; keep your fingers crossed!) and I'm finally over all my colds!
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