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Old 05-09-2010, 02:57 PM   #11
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Oh i totally understand- once i start i just cant stop. Im learning not to start the binge in the first place and at the moment i know i aint got the willpower to sit on my own so i sign in to fitday and chat to you guys. I also dont feel guilty if i tell the fitday members if ive slipped up because we all give in temptation. It feels good to be honest with myself and the support on here really helps me going and pick myself up and start another day. We wil get there- each and everyone of us. I really believe all of us will get to goal!! I used to feel so much pressure to do well but if i relax and go with the flow more i lose the lbs without even thinking about it too much!!!
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Old 05-09-2010, 03:20 PM   #12
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Hey, all!
I totally understand you! I think we all have the same problem from time to time. I started my dieting just five days ago. Although it's not the real diet, I just watch what I put into my body and how many calories I eat and, most of all, I excercise.
And yesterday (already!!!) was the day when I wasn't in the mood for exercising and said to myself: I'll eat less and take a break of exercise.
Yeah, right! I wasn't doing almost nothing and my mind was only on the food. Thank God I did't have almost anything in my fridge (I live alone so I can afford that to myself). But, of course, I found something...some walnuts...Jesus!I didn't eat much, but still...
and then I found here an old post of a girl who said that everyone should take a picture when they start their diet. And I decide to do that!
I took my clothes off and took pictures of myself....You don't want to know what happened when I saw them!
Till that moment I believed that I really don't look like that...beacause everyone always give me much less kilograms then I really have...but, I realized yesterday what is true...
I started exercising immediatelly!!!
Today also...brisk walking for an hour and again exercising at home...some tuna salad for lunch (home made)...actually, I always make my food at home so I know exactly what I eat...
But, yesterday was "the day"...awfull!!! But it helped me to realize that I have to stick to my plan...

Btw, I got on my scale today for the first time since I started with all this and it shows 2,5 kg less (in 5 days)!!! Yeah! :-)))
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