7-Day Motivational Thread Starting 8/22

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Amy, great job today on your goals! I'm really happy you found a ride share for the girls' soccer when you have to be in two places at once.

Posting now so I will have to close down the kitchen:

Exercise 5 days YES
64 oz. water 80
Calorie limit 1600 1368
Carbs less fiber limit 25g 24.5
5 servings veggies/fruits per day 6
Saturated fat limit 12% of total calories 12%
Cholesterol limit 300mg 204
Track protein grams and % 120g or 37%
Artificial sweetener limit 2 packets per day 2
Sugar free candy limit 2 miniature chocolates per day 0
Vitamin D & Fish oil daily YES

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Had a great day being back on track. It felt great to be back in control food-wise. I did miss my walk tonight partially because I ran out of time and partially because I pulled something in my back... again. It's getting dark early which also messes with my evening walks. Fall is coming... 48 degrees during the night last night and 80 during the day!

1. Calories around 1200. 1193
2. Walk nightly, weather permitting. No time tonight.
3. 64-96 oz. of water a day. Yes
5. Grade your food choices for the day... be honest! B
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Looks like we're all doing better food-wise! Hopefully we can hold it together for the rest of the week!
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I had "daughterly duties" as well today... appointments, shopping, etc. Had to dig deep to find my patience at times. Someone once told me that elderly people are a lot like 3 year olds; they have no patience and are not aware that some of the things that they say are entirely inappropriate, which is what I ran into today. I find myself increasingly having to apologize for things that my mom says to others and keep my mouth shut when her "observations" are directed toward me. I have to keep telling myself that it's not worth defending myself and to let the comments go. But at times, a good, hearty primal scream would feel pretty darn great. lol
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OMG WTF DID I DO???? I swear that I probably consumed 5,000-6,000 calories today, no joke. I ate 2/3 of the entire rum cake, that in itself is over 3600 calories! Then a Blast, PB&J, tortilla chips, salsa and for dinner I had hamburger steak, gravy and broccoli. What the?????

Speaking of rum cake, I found out the 14 year old took rum cake to school for breakfast. I had to tell her when I found out that you're not supposed to take rum cake to school! She said that it was really good but she didn't eat the juicy part because it makes her dizzy.
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Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 View Post
I found out the 14 year old took rum cake to school for breakfast. I had to tell her when I found out that you're not supposed to take rum cake to school! She said that it was really good but she didn't eat the juicy part because it makes her dizzy.
ROFL!!!! Sounds like you enjoyed your cheat day! And there's Quinn, commenting about what a better day we've had. Yours will be tomorrow, I'm sure. Quinn, sure hope your back feels better and that you were able to discharge some of the biting-your-tongue tension I'm sure you experienced today!

1. Stay below 1300 cals/day. 1244
2. Eat clean. Yes
3. Reasonably balance pie chart. It's perfect today!
4. Eat 25 g fiber daily, at least. Yes
5. Exercise 7 times. Weights & stationary bike
6. Take vitamins. Yes
7. Journal before eating anything that's not a meal. Mostly
8. Weigh in daily no matter how much it hurts. Yes
9. 72 oz. water daily. Yes
10. Do shoulder & elbow PT exercises. No
11. Get in bed by midnight! No

12. Call liability insurance re:canceling policy. Yes
13. Complete 4 additional location forms. 1.5
14. Call to have computer fixed. Left message

I agree, it does feel good to be back in control. I'm really hoping I can sustain it this time. I have a lunch out this week and Wednesday is band night at the frozen yogurt place, but with careful planning I should be able to do it. Have a good night, all!
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Quinn. Oh yes I know exactly what you mean. My mum has never been known for her diplomacy and it is definitely getting worse. She is also now very hard of hearing so speaks much louder. I don't think she has ever meant to be hurtful on purpose but sometimes her "observations" sting a lot. I have posted on my thread way back, the wedding outfit debacle which ended in me leaving the shop telling the assistants that I was obviously some sort of freak with a huge body and tiny head, which didn't suit anything ( mum's helpful comments). She has also been very supportive to me over the years and I love her to bits. One of my strategies when she goes over and over the same problem ( it's cats in her garden at present) is to go to her bedroom, bury my head in her pillow and yell. We used to have a scream pillow in our staff room which you'd use if a patient was particularly trying.

Mike. That rum cake sounds lethal lol. Be careful if you go out after eating, you don't want to be found drunk in charge of a pedometer.

Time for work, catch up later.
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Well I am back from Scotland, which was kind of an adventure but also a total disaster food-wise. The Scots were very nice to me but Glasgow is not my favourite city in the world but it's people are really nice and I'm glad I went. I did see some very cool art so I am happy about that. I also attended a company party which took place on a boat. We went on a "cruise" along the River Clyde which quickly devolved into pure INSANITY! It started to rain really hard and the river became EXTREMELY turbulent! We were all gripping the sides of the boat, and getting knocked around like mice in a shoebox. I was feeling really sick and the Gilligan's Island theme was on a loop in my head. It was a 2-hour ride to the Isle of Bute, where we went to a pub and the people I was with insisted I try the local beer but I had already had a glass of wine, that I had to force myself to drink because it tasted like battery acid but I couldn't refuse their offer of beer because they were insisting so vehemently. Then we get back on this horrible boat and dinner is served. Guess what? We are having authentic fish n' chips, in other words acid reflux rolled up in newspaper. My stomach is still in turmoil!!!!!! The rest of the weekend was more of the same. Every meal worse than the last and the insisting I try this or that. I can't blame it all on the Scots though. I took the tartan ball and ran with it. I am so ashamed of myself! My only consolation is that I am not alone.

It was a very sad day for Canada yesterday. We lost a brave and inspiring politician (yes a politician, basically the only one I have ever thought had a kind soul.) His name was Jack Layton. He was the leader of the opposition to our conservative government and he left Canada with a parting letter which he wrote just two days before he died. His final words were, "Love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we’ll change the world." Whether you agreed with his politics or not, he was admired by everyone he met for his energy and the force of his personality.

So here I am, with my despair replaced with optimism, ready to have a FLAWLESS week!


1. Eat between 1200-1400 calories per day.
2. Exercise 6 times.
3. Take my vitamins.
4. Drink 1.5-2 litres of water per day.
5. Journal before I eat anything not on my plan. (Thanks Cassie I stole this from you.)
6. Achieve a 7000 calorie deficit for the week!

Have an awesome Tuesday, Everyone. I missed you all and am happy happy to be back!

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Originally Posted by cjohnson728 View Post
Hope, that reminds me...I've seen an advertisement on TV for a new show called "Big Sexy" or something like that. The tag line is "Once you go big, you'll never go twig."

I am not sure what it's about, what the message might be, but I'm having a processing glitch just thinking about it.

FOUND IT: Introducing Big Sexy: The reality TV series where models are fabulous, fashionable and strictly plus-sized | Mail Online

I'm having a processing glitch m'self on this one -- literally stopped reading to go find out more.

OMG. I'm going to sound like I have schizophrenia, but first of all, these women aren't just "curvy" three of the four of them easily have BMIs putting them in the "Obese" category. That said, it kills me that "plus size" models are usually size 14, which I do resent because at my BEST weight with a BMI of around 19.5, I still often wear a size 14 top in a HIGH QUALITY garment (because designer wear is cut smaller than Old Navy vanity sized 14s). Conversely, I get the whole concept that one of the last living allowable prejudices is fat-bashing. But then, I fat-bash myself because I AM NOT HAPPY this weigh (pun intended). And if I am true to myself, then I know that NO ONE puts the food in my mouth and no one keeps me on the couch when I should be up and moving. So I am equally P'O'd at the comments on the show that denegrate these women as mad "cookie and cake eaters" and then I am p'o'd at the women for not taking better care of themselves and sending ME a message of fat acceptance which is not GOOD for my body or me personally.

(I guess that's kind of what you mean about a processing glitch, Cassie?)

Okay -- commercial break over, back to reading others posts and thinking about SUPPORT and MENTAL WELLNESS and PHYSICAL WELLNESS :-)
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MERN: Glad to hear about your better route for your grandchildren’s school! And I like your “close the kitchen” approach. I may add that to my goals in a few weeks! I always say this though – my kitchen doesn’t have a door and sits in the middle of my great room divided only by a bar area. It sucks, it’s really hard to “close it off”.

QUINN: You will be my first 3D visit – I don’t know where you live, but 48 and 80 degrees??? I am so jealous. Do you have any way to make your darker walks safer – reflective vests, special lights and safety pre-cautions? If you are in Northern Europe, then I know (having lived in Brighton with my now husband for a while) how debilitating the shorter days can be, but I invested a long time ago in some equipment to make night walks and runs safer. Of course, now that I’m in Florida, I don’t even remember what I used, but I remember that there was a BUNCH of gear out there. And speaking of your assessment of elderly people not really having a filter? I have to laugh. This summer, I am pitching my new business to an apartment full of seniors and one looks at me point blank, in front of my husband, and says “are you expecting or are you just heavy?” You would not believe how well I held up, but I immediately retired the empire waist blouse I was wearing and the comment haunts me when I catch myself in a mirror!!!

MIKE: I love that you are here and I am sorry to hear about your WTF did I DO day. Because I live by your “your excuses are making you fat” piece and remember when I was as MILLITANT about this as you and AGREE with you and know how you are feeling right now! All I can say is re-group and assess WHAT made you so crazy today that you let food win the negotiation. I am trying desperately to re-institute my no-negotiation with food mentality!!! As Stephen Gullo (fabulous weight loss physician) says “I’ve come to far in life to be pushed around by a cookie!” Insert Doritos for me, rum cake for you! However, it was your cheat day??? Do you even get to feel bad about that??? Isn’t that the purpose of a cheat day – to let go? (Cheat days aren’t part of my plan because I’m not near enough to my goals to incorporate one – nor do I think I can handle them!).

LIZZIE – we all should have a scream pillow!

ROSE: I loved this: Love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we’ll change the world. Thanks!

NOt posting my chart because I JUST LOST THE REST OF THIS REPLY AND ONLY HAD THE NOTES IN A WORD DOC!!!! SUMMARY: all yesterdays goals were met!!

By ladies and Mike :-)
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