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JUST FOR FUN: Thinks about weight loss and about being fat that tick me off! >

JUST FOR FUN: Thinks about weight loss and about being fat that tick me off!

JUST FOR FUN: Thinks about weight loss and about being fat that tick me off!

Old 08-18-2011, 05:17 PM
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Default JUST FOR FUN: Thinks about weight loss and about being fat that tick me off!

So, a really good friend, teacher, mentor on my weight loss journey once said: "The truth will set you free but first it will piss you off." So, in that vein, these are things about weight loss that piss me off, but that I have to GET OVER. Dr. Stephen Gullo (weight loss GURU) says something to the effect of You have to realize only a child gets everything they want, and even then they don't. This will help you realize that deprivation is not having a great life because your weight holds you back. NOT because you can't have a cookie whenever you want.


  • FOOD PUSHERS: I know I can turn you down, but why do you expect me to eat just a few bites of this or that when I just can't!!! Not one bite of Doritos for me because I don't know how to eat just one bite!!! ANd not "just this once" either.
  • Having to give up alcohol. I like my cocktails. I like my wine. NOthing better than a martini at the end of a hard day then a few glasses of wine with dinner most days of the week. BUT, I can't do that and lose weight too.
  • My knees -- when did they get to be so old. That ticks me off because I really thought I'd never feel old when, at 38, I was the fittest I'd ever been. Five years later, I'm the least fit. ARGGH
  • Not having a brain that understands how to "eat normally" I don't. I don't know that I ever will. I just have to accept that and work with it.
  • TIME: why can't I just slow it down when I need to. And HAVE that extra hour to work out.
  • People who need to lose just 5 pounds. I KNOW your 5 pounds are as important to you as my 60 are to me, but I can't help it. I resent you. Doesn't mean I don't support you, I'm just childishly jealous.
  • Internet ads on fitday from WEIGHT LOSS COMPANIES that show pictures of sweets and baked potatoes with butter!!!!! Seriously???????? I don't care if you're WW and think you're trying to show me I can lose weight and enjoy treats -- all you're doing is making me hungry. B*st*rds!
  • My ultrathin husband who can't gain weight and when he is stressed, drops weight. I KNOW that this is as big of a problem for him as my overweightness is for me, but I so wish for just a few weeks, I could get in his brain and understand how he can go three days without eating!!!!!!!!! ANd when we met, we were both at our best, so we BOTH need to find our way back to fitness, but still, I wanna be HIM for a few days at least!!!!!!!

  • These days, at my desk, my stomack gets a red sore line in it from pushing against my desk while I type most of the day.
  • Shaving in places where I have to lift my tummy to find them (ick, I know, ick, but you KNOW what I mean!!!)
  • 110 degree heat combined with carrying around 15 -- yes 15!!! --- extra five pound bags of potatoes with me everytime I step outside (someone here reminded me to keep a 5 pound bag of potatoes around to remind me of this!!!)
  • Having to put on workout gear that's CUTE, then cover it up with a baggy t-shirt so no one sees my fat rolls
  • Mirrors. At the mani-pedi places (why do they feel the need to mirror all walls at EVERY mani-pedi place -- I can SEE my feet and hands without them).
  • Being a fat choreographer (sooo embarassing. Cause I KNOW what I think of that crazy Abby Lee on Dance Moms who is HUGE, and I'm NOT that far away and I think "how can SHE be a choreographer and dance teacher and it's sad that her only love is her dog!" The pity I feel for her I KNOW is sometimes directed at me with my students/dancers/clients. It sucks.
  • Mirros. At my dance studio.
  • Not wanting to do something becuase I feel too fat
  • Mirrors. At home.
  • Black t-shirts, denim skirt and high heels being my ONLY choice of clothing these days (it's my uniform -- trying to be stylish while fat)
  • Mirrors. The kind that catch you unaware and you go "who is that fat girl" and you realize. That's me.
  • Butt-crack sweat (you know you KNOW what I mean!)
  • Feeling my CHIN connect with my NECK -- eeweeewwwwww!
  • Thigh burn.
Yep. Hate these things and more. SO now, I go DO something about it!

What's on YOUR two LISTS!?

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Old 08-18-2011, 05:34 PM
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Hmm...good vent thread, Ang.

Off the top of my head:

Things I hated about being overweight:
1. Standing in the closet and staring at clothes that don't fit, or feeling that I HAD TO go shopping just to get something that would fit, what a feeling of failure that is.
2. Not wanting to eat anything around anyone because they might think, "She shouldn't be eating that!"
3. Being around skinny friends and not being able to forget about the fact that, as the song goes, "One of these things is not like the other.."
4. Pictures. OMG, would you please put the camera AWAY! And even if you have to take it, I don't want to look at it.
5. Seeing people I hadn't seen in a while and knowing I looked much worse than when I saw them last.

Things I hate about the process of losing weight:
1. When you know you've done everything right and you just don't see results.
2. Most of the stuff that tastes really good is the stuff that's bad for you.
3. They keep changing the rules on what's good/bad for you, and it takes freaking forever to find out what works best for you personally.
4. The ubiquity (if that's a real word) of unhealthy food. It takes more effort and money and thought to eat healthily than it does to eat unhealthily.
5. The fact that maintaining is harder than losing. Seriously, I thought I'd pretty much be home free, but nope.
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Old 08-18-2011, 06:34 PM
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Ang - List one

1. Being mistaken for my best friend's mum ( more than once), she is 8 years younger and petite and very slim
2. Pictures, I hate every occasion where the cameras come out and I turn away or dive under the table or hide behind someone else
3. The pool or beach - watching people stroll along in their swimsuits or play games while I spend ages before I will get up and make the walk of shame, then spend so much time in the water that I emerge like a prune.
4. Shopping with my friend who picks up size 8 (UK) and then steps out to show me that it's too big or how beautiful it looks on her while I can't squeeze into the top she made me try and am almost in tears with frustration.
5. Mirrors, shop windows, anything that reflects my image.
6. Getting changed at work in the communal room, the contortions I've gone through to avoid anyone seeing me undressed.
7. The shaving thing, as mentioned above. Yeuck.
8. Being invisible when I'm with my prettier friends, as I was told once when I complained that no one had said hi to me " what do you expect when you hang around with ***** ( my friend)"

List 2

1. Having to think carefully about everything I'm eating.
2. Knowing that I should not be drinking wine, eating bread or chocolates but watching everyone else tucking in.
3. Not accepting invites because I'm worried about the eating and drinking.
4. The weeks when the scales don't move and you can't figure out why.
5. Worrying about what happens when you reach your goals.
6. Knowing that my holiday will probably cause an increase, hating the thought of having to get rid of those lbs all over again but not wanting to spoil my trip by being overly frugal with the meals or not stopping for that glass of wine.
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Old 08-18-2011, 06:37 PM
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Seems like we both needed to vent today!

This is off the top of my head, trying to think of things other than what I put on my post:

Things I hate about being obese/overweight:

1) Not being able to buy into trendy clothing or things that were meant for a "certain shape" - nothing hits you right and you end up in a uniform of sack-dresses and T-shirts and jeans
2) Being uncomfortable in airplane seats, amusement park rides, swingsets...
3) As Cassie said, the feeling that everyone is staring at you and judging you for your size/weight...
4) Everything jiggling!!! How unsightly.
5) Constantly tugging at clothes
6) The sores/rubbing from jeans that are too small bulging into your stomach.
7) The embarrassment of clothes wearing thin on friction parts of your body, like inner thighs or underarms. Having to replace jeans because I wore holes in them from my thighs rubbing together like two big hams.

Things I hate about the process of losing weight:

1) I have to think about it every day. There is not a day where I can't have food on my mind, and it feels tiring/taxing/irritating
2) That awkward transitional stage where nothing quite fits, but I don't want to spend a lot of money on clothing because I intend on losing more...
3) Exercising when you just really, really want to curl up on the couch and watch a movie
4) Constantly having to defend your food choices to pushers
5) (I kind of miss my boobs....)
6) As Cassie said, unhealthy food is EVERYWHERE and more convenient than health foods.
7) Getting bored with fixed meals in good calorie portions
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Old 08-20-2011, 12:01 AM
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LOVE THESE LISTS!! Keep em coming because they help me PUT DOWN THE FOOD!
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1. How everybody feels the need to share their dieting advice, and the quicker they are to share, the more unhealthy it's likely to be.
2. As my weight has gone down both my pant legs and my boobs got longer .
3. When I was at this weight before, my figure was more hour glass like, this time my waist line is thicker (can't get rid of the baby bump) and I have the rear end of a 12 year old boy. WTF? Totally not what I was expecting.
4. Feeling hungry an hour after a breakfast that was 100 calories more than it should have been.
5. Having fantasies that involve a tablespoon and a brand new jar of peanut butter.
6. Having my mother tell me to stop dieting because I'm skinny enough. What she doesn't realize is that this is for the rest of my life and no amount of discussion is going to bring her around.
7. How everybody says they want to workout with me, but they never show up. I could really use a workout partner, so if you don't have any intention of showing up, don't tease me.
8. How all my favorite comfort foods are off the charts for calories and carbs.
9. Getting up starving in the middle of the night and having no calories left for a snack and then for a brief period of time throwing in the towel, and eating enough calories to undo 3-4 days of good behavior.
10. Having to face a crowd of skinny moms at school parties that firmly believe that kids should be fed nothing but junk food.


1. Getting that red ridge across my stomach from the waistband on my jeans.
2. Owning underwear that are cute, but haven't been worn in years because they bite, and not in a good way.
3. Owning exactly one outfit that fits and can be considered dressy enough for a wedding, or a funeral. And of course either way it has to be black right?
4. Having little old ladies pat my belly and ask me when the baby is due.
5. Having to sit my butt on the edge of the van seat and make 2-3 bounce maneuvers to actually get situated in the drivers seat. I broke the seat of my last vehicle doing just that.
6. Having to gently sit down on the toilet seat, and continue to support a portion of my weight, because flopping down hard and putting my whole weight on the seat has been known to break them.
7. Having the energy to go full out for the whole day, only to wake up so sore from all the activity that I feel it for the next 3-4 days.
8. Having sore feet just from standing or walking.
9. Wanting to sit down all the time when everybody else is up playing with their kids.
10. Feeling like a heart attack is eminent rather than just a slight possibility.

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Things I hate about the process:
Cutting back on calories has made me sleep more, and I don't have as much time to spend with my friends as I had before.

Seeing pictures of food reminds me how much I like those things that I'm trying to stay away from and can cause cravings that I don't let myself give in to.

Things I hate about being overweight:
Having chafe marks between my legs sometimes, trying on clothes wishing I could fit into things I liked better, getting out of breath, occasionally having acid reflux, legs burning from climbing ladders at work, knowing that people look at me and see a 'fat girl' and not the real me.
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I hate all the things you guys said and here are a couples more:
What i hate for being fat
1. Not feel comfortable in swimming suit
2. People mistake that I am pregnant
3. tired and bloated all the time
4. Can' t fit in the size I want

What I hate of losing weight
1. Hungry, temptation, and don't have will power to stop myself
2. Then feel guilty, miserable
3 Fall off the wagon and can't get back on
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  • Feeling embarrased to attend social gatherings
  • FLOP SWEATS in the Florida heat
  • Aches and pains of a MUCH, MUCH, MUCH older person

  • ting at a brunch going "have I eaten my $16 worth/but if I eat more, I will go over in calories
  • Negotiation with food at every turn (if I eat this, I can't eat this later)
  • Constantly THINKING about food
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• Having to count every calorie….did that chicken pita I had really have over 600 calories?? Lesson learned
• That dreaded treadmill that calls my name every evening and instead of being on it for 30 minutes it makes me stay on for an hour…I swear that things evil
• Mandatory luncheons at work……they should be banned
• Food commercials…why are there so many?
• Planning all of my meals in advanced…..gets old


• Having to wear Spanx under everything and even then I still look fat…at least I don’t jiggle when I walk 
• Always wearing the same two outfits because I can’t afford new clothes to fit my fat body…my skinny clothes have a layer of dust on them
• People that say I don’t need to lose weight……really??? Lug around an extra 40-50 pounds every day and then come back and tell me what you think.
• Cameras…do I really look like that?
• I hate how I feel about myself….this isn’t me and I want myself back
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