weight loss and your clothing

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See if you have a Plato's Closet near you. You can sell them your old stuff and us the money to buy stuff that fits you in the store. They buy up to size 20 in my area (north texas) and only sell "name-brand" good condition stuff. Also a few of the goodwills in the nicer areas around here have half-off days in the middle of the week and have GREAT stuff for like 2 bux! It IS second hand, but your not going to be in it for long!
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Wink Skinny Clothes

Hi, this is Just4Kicks4Life. Diff from my sign on I know. I can understand the dilemma. I have some very very nice clothes and I wonder how I am going to dress since I work in an offcie and have to dress very professionally. The other issue is shoes. I have some gorgeouis shoes, and I noticed since I got heavier my feet went from a size 6.5 or 7 to a 7.5wide or 8. I have beautiful Anne Klein, Ralph Lauren, Stuart Weitzman,etc. So I am thinking, If I sell my things on Ebay (buy first then sell to make sure I have something to wear) and I also have a sewing machine, I can sew new garment in the meantime to get me by as I need them. I am looking forward to a new and better me. But I will tell you, I have spent so many years getting to love me as I am and was,that I will miss that "big, beautiful girl". I was blessed with w/a pretty face and outrageously funny personality. It is hard to let go of an old friend. I guess the trade off is a healthier me who I will learn to love and dress with as much care as I do the big me.
Something to think about, isnt it?
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Hi Kicks...

Maybe you can just think of it as keeping the parts of yourself you love and getting rid of the parts you don't. When you take the floppy leaves off a head of lettuce, it's still a head of lettuce, right?

*I know, that was weak...but I haven't had my caffeine yet!
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Default LOL Cassie!

Nice one!
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I took all my good used larger clothing and put the pricier items in a consignment shop the others I took pictures of and measurements and put up on EBAY. I made $300 doing this and used that to purchase items. EBAY is a great place to buy for very reduced prices.
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I'm hoping to get some of mine taken in. While I'd love to get into some smaller sizes, I still love a lot of the clothes I have now! lol
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I was struggling with this too, but since my goal is to lose 125 pounds, I didn't feel like keeping my old clothes was a viable option. It was also part of my dieting strategy to get rid of things that were too big, so I wouldn't fall off the wagon and right back in to those fat lady clothes. So once I'd lost 50 pounds I cleaned out my closet, and it was really liberating. I mean I've lost weight, but cleaning out that closet was like losing even more. Don't get me wrong my old wardrobe was filled with beautiful suits, beaded gowns, handmade blouses, designer jeans, and just plain comfy ugly stuff, you name it. But none of it fit, and there was no way any of it could be taken in and made to look right. So after that I went shopping and I bought enough (fairly snug clothing) to get me through a week. And then I bought a few things that were a little too small... Okay, yes I have to do laundry all the time, but I've got enough for now. And guess what? I've lost 11 pounds since, and in another 10 I'm going to clean out that closet AGAIN!

I went all over the place to shop, sales at department stores, Goodwill, garage sales, you name it. It's a lot of fun to grab whatever off the rack and be able to slip it on.
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I havent been online all weekend, so I am at the office right now reading this, and OMG, that was funny. The reason it is funny is that, whatever I've got that is "floppy" weighs a lot more that lettuce leaves!!!!! Ahahaha! I liked that, and I cant imagine you on caffeine! Well, I will now view myself as a "trim head of lettuce" (though I like cabbage better) and I am now going to work on becoming a fit "brussel sprout"! Thanks for you humor. I needed something to laugh at after completely bombing this weekend on my diet. In spite of it, I lost 8 lbs. but you know what? I learned that I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT eat any processed foods. On Friday (and I can have 2000 calories a day) at 7:30pm I had consumed 678 calories, after I got home, my brothers, all their kids, my mom and husband were all eating piza. Well, I thought I could have 2 (yes ladies count them TWO SLICES OF PIZZA,) everything on it of course. Well, I hit 5000 CALORIES. OMG!!! Well, I learned one thing, little Miss Stupid has to keep it simple here if I want to be wearing skinny jeans next year. Love you all, I will encourage you if you encourage me!

Thanks for the help!

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