The Biggest Loser Show

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Unhappy The Biggest Loser Show

They are doing a casting call in my town next weekend. One of my coworkers told me the next time they were here she was going to take me there, she thinks with my personality that they would be sure to take me.

Well, I got a message from her saying that they were going to be here and she wanted me to go and she would support me in anyway she could. I know her heart is in the right place but I can't do it.

At my age and shape I couldn't stand up in front of those people in the outfits they make them wear for the weigh ins. Not only do I have the huge stomach, but I also have horrible stretch marks from having children that run from under my breasts all the way down. They also look like scars rather than stretch marks.

Plus it would be my luck to wind up with Jillian and I would be crying all the time. My coworkers think I'm tough, but I'm not. I get hurt easily and even though she said it was for my health and well being and was being all positive about it, I couldn't help but be hurt that she suggested it.

I just needed an outlet to vent because I can't tell her that she hurt me (its not who I am, I hold stuff like that in). I know she is going to try and convince me, but somehow I have to convince her that I just can't do it.
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If you can't be honest with your friend is she really a good friend? How about you just tell her that you know that she has your best interest at heart but it really makes you feel uncomfortable to think about going up there in front of all those people and after seriously considering it you decided that it's not the best thing for either your physical or emotional well-being. It might help smoothe things over if you thank her for suggesting it as an option.
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Just tell her that thank you for thinking of you but you are just feel uncomfortable to do that in front the whole world. If she is good friend, she would understand.
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I agree with the others. Now may be the time to be honest with your friend and tell her that while you appreciate that she wants you to get help that you are not comfortable with the kind of help that the show would give you. You don't want all of America's eyes on your body in that way. If she is a good friend she will understand. You may want to do this alone with her because if you are like me when trying to express personal feelings you will probably cry even though you don't mean to.
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I agree with the being honest with your friend. Although even without knowing you I would have to say that you can do it. Part of the problem is you telling yourself you can't. I try to change my vocab from "I Can't" to "I will" (it takes effort for me too) Another problem with this senerio is that you have to do it for yourself, your friend wanting it for you isn't enough, YOU have to be ready to make the changes.
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You could tell her the danger of losing as fast and with the intense workout they do. I wonder if there are any statistics about how people do after the supports are not there? Tell her you want to do this in the real world and suggest some ways she could support you in that. Mary
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There's another darker aspect to this too that I don't think your friend thought of. While many of us might see the show as a positive thing that helps people lose weight and get healthier, there are a lot of immature people who might watch it just to look at the "fatties" jiggle around as they exercise and laugh at them in a cruel way. So while a contestant might have in their mind that people at home are being supportive of them in reality there's this snotty guy or gal sitting on their couch going "Woah look how FAT they are! Tee hee hee!" That's not something I'd want hundreds and hundreds of people doing to me, even if the majority of viewers are the supportive type.

It's sort of like how Maury Povich will bring people on his shows with rare diseases or difficult personal situations under the guise of helping them or creating awareness of their situation but you can tell from the tone of the show it's meant as more of a 'freak show'.
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What if you tell her how you feel, them invite her to work out with you while the show is on? Maybe she is just looking for a way to support you.
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