No weight loss at all :(

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+1 Hang in there!!! I bet you'll see a big drop all at once, that's what happened to me.

Originally Posted by nottango View Post
I'm convinced that hot weather makes me retaiting fluid. When it was really hot over the past few weeks here, I was careful with the diet and maintained my exercise, AND drank lots of water - and GAINED weight. So frustrating! This morning's cooler, and I'm down a few pounds (finally!). But I've also noticed the past several years that I tend to lose relatively easily in the fall. Hang in there - it'll happen!
I never thought of that!
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The following is a list of all the things that can cause me to be up by a mysterious pound or two:

1. That time of the month.
2. Constipation.
3. Dehydration (strange but true).
4. Sore muscles from increasing or changing up my workout (the soreness is actually inflammation, hence water weight).
5. To much sodium in a meal (usually Chinese take-out, french fries or chips).
6. To many processed meats nitrates/nitrites.

Hope that helps. By the way, my weight graph looks like a downward sloping jagged little mountain range. The ups and downs are part of the journey. It's how you handle the ups and downs that makes all the difference. So are you going let a little jog up on the graph affect affect your desire to be at a healthy weight? No you're not!
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Well, I am new here and had thought to post a thread entitled "That Stupid Scale!", but then I found this thread which is exactly what I was looking for.

I have been seriously working at my weight loss for about 2 months and up until now I have seen pretty good success, having lost almost 20 lbs. But for the past week its as if someone put glue on the scale numbers! They don't vary by a pound either way no matter what I do.

a. I have verified my calorie intake, and it is still around 1250. Check.

b. Someone suggested my body may think it is in starvation mode and I may need to add some calories one day to "switch things up". So I added one small bowl of unsweetened mini shredded wheat, with 1/2 cup non-fat milk and a small banana. That was two days ago. No effect. Check.

c. I have been consistent in my exercise plan. Check

d. I added a second exercise session every day for the past 4 days. No effect. Check.

While the scale says nothing is happening, I think something actually is happening. Clothes that were too tight 10 days ago now fit nicely! And I can get the next smaller size jeans over my hips, even I can't button them yet.

Sadly, this is just the kind of thing that has derailed my weight loss efforts in the past. For those of you who have hit such a plateau and gotten past it, what worked for you? How did you keep from getting discouraged? And how long did you have to wait for that miserable scale to catch up to whatever else was going on?


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