Help me keep my motivation before it's gone please!

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Default Help me keep my motivation before it's gone please!

Hi. Here's my story. I began 2 months ago (early June) to lose weight. It was for a trip I had planned for the end of July. My starting weight was 143. I began exercising everyday and eating healthy. I went to the gym every weekday morning at 5am for at least 45 minutes, sometimes 1 hour. I did cardio every morning. I would come home and do some calisthenics, eat breakfast (piece of fruit and/or healthy cereal with non fat milk, or a protein shake with some oatmeal, etc). I kept a diary of everything I ate during the day and stuck to an 1100 calorie a day diet, making sure I got all the necessary nutrients and kept my saturated fat intake below 9%. I cut out all alcohol for 5 weeks, and, I made sure I got at least 8 hours of sleep each night. In 2 months I lost 15 lbs. I just got back from my trip and I felt fantastic in a bathing suit! (Which I have not worn a suit in years).

So, what is my problem? My problem is that now I'm back home, with no real tangible goal to keep my motivation going to continue my weight loss (or at least maintain). Ideally I would like to be at 120 - 123 which is only about 5 - 8 more lbs. But, I have not been back to the gym since I returned from my vacation. For the most part I have continued to eat healthy but I already notice sneaking in a sweet snack every now and again.

I just want my motivation to kick back in before I lose it completely. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions?
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I think you are at a point where you need to find a lifestyle that will let you maintain your weight and fitness. If the gym is not something you enjoy are there other activities you can start? Walking, biking etc. Exercise that is fun is much easier to continue once the motivation is reduced. Find activities you enjoy to balance the amount of calories you want to consume. Mary
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It sounds like, with a goal, you structured your time around activities to achieve that goal. Now, you have time on your hands. What are you going to do with it? What did you do with it before? There are only so many hours in a day, but it takes just a few moments to eat something that will put the weight back on, and watching TV or surfing the 'Net are sedentary activities.

You could start being a gym rat. You could hang out there and maybe work with a trainer once a week. You could find a workout buddy. Otherwise, what is it that you do at home that is not food-related or sedentary? Do more of whatever that is, and less that has to do with food and stationary activity.
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Your goal similar to mine but unfortunatelly I have gain half the weight I lost during vacation. And continue to eat unhealthy till now. I just got back in this week.
I am try to motivate you as much as motivate myself. Maybe you could make a new goal such as
1. Fit in a certain size that you want.
2. Lose the rest of the weight so you can wear bikini next time you at the beach.
3. Or just simply to be healthy (work out a number of times a week, eat a certain cals a day)
Just a few examples.
For me, I just want to lose the weight so i can fit in the short that I bought earlier in the Summer.
I hope this help.
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Congradulations on what you've done so far. I think that losing the last 5-10 lbs is the hardest but, at the same time, will yield the best reward. The positive lifestyle changes and habits you'll need to create to achieve that goal can give you the greatest gift - great health.

Find that motivation (dig deep) and acheive your goal. Its no different than any goal you try to acomplish in life!

Wishing you geat health!
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