Tried an experiment and failed misserably

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Default Trying not to log

I tried not to log for about a month and a half. I found that I was eating too much and did gain about 6-7lbs over that time frame. Once I realized what I was doing wrong I have been fine and have lost a few lbs. I don't think you have to log all the time but maybe once in a while to keep you in check. When you say you want to eat like a normal person, most "normal" people eat unhealthy. So you just have to make a choice or a compromise. Good luck and I feel your frustration.
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I expect I will have to log the rest of my life The last time I quit logging it took me 3 years to get back at it and a gain of 35 pounds. Is logging and watching what I eat all that painful? I enjoy my food more when I am dieting because more thought goes into it. I like checking the forums here, sometimes I don't have a lot of time to log, other times I can sign on several times a day. If this will give me an extra ten or twenty years of healthy life I think I can spend the time - especially when there are others giving me their support or whom I can support. People spend hours on facebook. Is this not more benefical to us then a virtual farm or mall? Mary
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I really don't know what "normal eating mean". But all my skinny friends, they really don't eat. Once a friend told me that she have the trouble of keeping up with her cals, she hungry all the time. I saw her eating like a cat (very little), then snack on 1 saltine cracker with unsweeten tea.
Another group of friends, who I went to dinner with from time to time. They usually order salad and left half of the food on the plate. I think skinny people just have the ability of stop when they are full. I am addicted to food, so i have to watch what i eat.
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