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Default How long ...

I have recently restarted exercise and have finally gotten my eating under control again, charting every bite I take. The various experts I have read said that the minimum calories I should eat should be my goal weight times 10, plus half the calories I burn working out (if I do, and I do most days).

The first couple of weeks, I saw my weight drop. I've started adding some light weight lifting because I want to build muscle and not just burn fat (well, I want to do both, but you know what I mean), and now my weight loss has trailed off. I know muscle masses more than fat and if I'm building muscle, that's fine, but I've also been told that after a couple of weeks, the weight will start going down again.

Does anyone else have this experience? Can you tell me, if I am faithful to my eating and exercise, how long before the two balance out and I start seeing the scale drop again?


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I am no expert by far but it would probably help others to help you if you could share your calorie intake and how much exercise you are doing. Others things also like sex, age, height, current weight and goal weight.

Welcome to the forums by the way!
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Have you tried not adding in 1/2 the calories you burn?
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One other thought is that most people find that they lose quite a bit of weight over the first few days or weeks, particularly if you are pretty heavy to begin with. So the tailing off may be a normal part of the process.

As far as muscle replacing fat, it actually takes quite a bit of time to add a pound or 2 of muscle. I think someone mentioned that 2 lbs per month was the higher end of the scale for women.

Perserverence and consistency are you best friend. Making exercise part of your life, rather than a short term project, will keep you shedding those pounds and maintaining that svelt new body over the long haul.

Double check your calorie numbers as others have suggested, as long as you are burning more than you are eating, you WILL lose weight.
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I agree with Pam. It is very unlikely that the extra weight is coming from muscle this quickly, and with lightweight lifting.

However, it's not uncommon to spike up in weight. It could be hormonal, could be water retention from high sodium meals, could be any of a number of factors. Unfortunately and frustratingly, weight loss is not a steady downward drop; very often you see three steps forward, one step back, even when you're doing everything right. Stick with it and you will see results. Then you will hit a plateau and get confused...and then you will see more results! There's absolutely no way of predicting how long it will take, as everyone is different, but over time, you will get to know how your body generally responds to certain things. Patience is as much a part of the process as watching what you eat .
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You're quite right ...

Ok, the sordid details:

I'm 50, 5'9" and weight 295.8 right now (started at 319)

I work out every day but Sunday, and my routine varies. At a minimum I walk 2.25 miles (about 40 minutes right now) and I have started an 'every other work day' regimen of 1/2 hour (prior to walking) of weight lifting/isometrics/calisthenics, going between arms/legs/core. I should mention that I have been working out quite awhile, took a three-month break when I lost my job (and promptly put weight back on). Prior to this I could never get my eating under control. That has substantially changed and I fight for every bit of it. Right now my eating is between 1400-1800 most days, with an occasional, 'darn it, got away from me' day -- although those are 2000 calorie days, not 4000 calorie days the way they used to be.

I also do water aerobics and swim, so I try to mix things up. With this iteration, which started June 1, I had two straight weeks of fairly good weight loss, with an increase of 2 lbs this week, which I am hoping is to be blamed on "that time" and not me, screwing up.

And that's that!
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