Birth Control?

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Default Birth Control?

Hey guys! I have a quick story / question... let me know what you think and if you can help!

Last summer, I went on Fitday and went from 160 pounds to 130 pounds. Over the course of the year I went back up to about 148 pounds. Not terrible, but obviously not great, either. This summer I'm trying again. The only thing is - it doesn't seem to be coming off quite as quickly as it did last summer. I'm doing the exact same things, except maybe a bit more exercising this summer. I've been at it about a month, and I've only made it to 145 pounds. Last year the weight seriously melted away... it was pretty amazing. I'm at a slightly lower start weight, but still.

The only real difference I can think of is that I'm now on Birth Control. What do you guys think? I know it supposedly can make you gain weight, and I guess that could account for part of my weight-gain, but I really think that it was mainly due to a constant diet of pizza (I'm in college!). So even if it's not making me gain weight, ould the birth control be actually making it harder to [I]lose[I] weight, though? That's all I can think of.

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What kind are you using? I've recently started birth control as well eight months ago (Loestrin 24), and I've had absolutely no trouble losing weight. Different meds have different effects though... You could always call your doctor and ask if they've heard anything about it.
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The jury is out on whether the pill affects weight gain/loss -- there are just too many varieties of pills, dosages, and ways that it could interact with your body/metabolism.

Some docs suggest that the amount of estrogen in your pill could play a factor in weight - the lowest dosage available right now is I believe 10 mcg of estradiol. I'm not an MD, though, so it's definitely something to ask your doc about. My OBGYN told me that obese/overweight women are often put on a higher dose of estradiol because of their weight. I'm on a fairly high dosage of estradiol myself now, and hope to get it lowered when I go for a checkup at the end of this month.
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I'm on Loestrin as well, which is very low estrogen. It was just a thought... I don't know what else it could be, since I'm doing the exact same things as last summer! Thanks for your input
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