Am I expecting too much?

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Question Am I expecting too much?

Hello everybody. I want to start for apologizing for any typos or grammatical errors you may find here, because English is not my native language.
I am new here at the forum, and must say, pretty new to this diet/exercising lifestyle, but I have been on FitDay for awhile now and I realized I've never actually talked to anybody about my goals.

I am an 18 year old girl, 1.68 meters (around 5.5'') and 80kg (about 175 pounds). My goals are 65kg (around 140 pounds) by the end of July. That means i would have to lose about 12 pounds/month.

I think that's very ambitious, but I do try my best, eating healthy and not too much and going for a 3miles walk and a half a mile run almost everyday.

Also, I am taking some photos to try and see how I am progressing. How often should I take them?

I am open to suggestions, and thanks so much for the time
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First of all, welcome to the forum! It's a great resource for motivation and ideas, as well as accountability!

I would say 12 pounds a month is on the ambitious side. To lose in a healthful way and keep it off, a pound or two a week is a reasonable goal to set. If you're anything like me, you might possibly meet that goal of 12 pounds for the first month or month and a half, and then you'll start to plateau. I started eating right again at the beginning of April, and I am down 10.6 pounds since I started, but the weight loss is slowing down and will continue to be slower for me now that I'm closer to my target. I'll be happy to lose a pound a week from here on out. A mistake I've made in the past is setting goals that are nearly impossible to meet, and when I don't make the progress I think I should, I give up. Losing the weight should be more about a healthy lifestyle and forming good habits... not stressing about the number on the scale.

My best piece of advice is to take your body measurements if you haven't already, and gauge your progress by that more than the number on the scale. I have all my measurements entered into the body section on fitday, and I update them every week or two. Even when my weight has plateaued, I see myself losing inches all over my body, and it helps keep me super motivated.

As for taking photos, you could take one every time you take your measurements... every week or two. I wish I had more before photos from when I was heavier a few years ago, but I avoided the camera really well back then!

Good luck and keep us posted on your progress. Also, I have to add that we never would have known English wasn't your first language! I think you have the language down better than most of us!
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