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I've been loosing weight and it seems to have all been lost in my breasts....I went from a full C in December to an A~it's pretty disappointing!

Are there any exercises I can do to maybe build up my pectoral muscles underneath my breasts? I've been avoiding chest exercises out of fear of completely dissolving what little tissue is left there...
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You can have some of my extra tissue from that area!

Anyway - I took a great class a few years ago, and one of the exercises was pec fly on stability ball
A Google search of "pec fly stability ball" reveals how to do it. (not sure on the posting links rules, so leaving you to search)

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Awesome, thanks!

I wish I could just slide some from my booty....As a friend of mine always tells me, I a butt like a rap-guy's girlfriend lol
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I had a similiar problem...although I wasn't a C to begin with, just a full B. Now I'm a super small B, maybe a big A, but either way it's not great. My boyfriend loves the slimmer me, but is equally sad that my breasts virtually disappeared. Although, I can tell you that when I put on a few pounds, it shows in my breasts first! I think I just need to find a weight where I'm happy and mess with my body fat % to find a spot where I'm happy and my breasts still looks good!
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Same problem - trying to focus on other bits looking leaner, which is slowly happening

Tweaking dressing helps, in terms of at least feeling attractive. I think some things quite suit a less-full chest, like low-cut, backless, or halter dresses/tops, or even the sort of loose, drapey tees that are in at the moment. Wrap dresses work.

There are some lovely delicately endowed ladies... Think of these celebrities, in their heydeys:
- Jane Birkin
- Audrey Hepburn
- Claire Danes
- Eva Longoria
- Kate Hudson
- Cameron Diaz [who's more ruler-y, but not buxom by any means]
- Kathleen Turner
- Josephine Baker
- Cate Blanchett
- Natalie Portman
- Alicia Keys

and loads more I can't think of

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Thanks everyone It's good to know I'm not alone with this issue.

I think you're right pinenut, right now my other bits are still pretty healthy--meanwhile my chest is slender lol Once the rest of my body catches up, maybe I won't be so bothered by it.
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One thing that helped me is lifting weights. It didn't do a thing for my cup size; I still have to take a deep breath to fill an A, but it broadened my shoulders just a bit, so I look more balanced, whereas before I was very pear-shaped.
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You can absolutely build up your breasts with pectoral exercises, from what I've heard. A friend of mine got very worried because one of her breasts was suddenly a size bigger than the other. Then she realised it was because she had started working in a bar and was pulling pints with her right hand only. She made a point of pulling the pints with both hands and her breasts evened up again.

I'm in the other camp myself, I'd love to get down to a DD and maybe even a D cup!
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