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it's so great to see so many posts, it feels like we have our own cheering section. LOL It's been a pretty rough week, but I'm hanging in there. Colored my hair this evening and maybe will get a new hairstyle this weekend- need to change things up a bit. Pretty much stayed on track food wise, if anything I've actually ate less, but that is not good as I tend to stop losing if I don't eat enough calories for a few days. Does this happen to anyone else?

Food shopping and reading labels has been a real eye-opener for me too wendy. I thought low-calorie or fat-free was good for me, but check out the sodium or other stuff that is in them and it really is the opposite. I like to have a few bars- special K or such on hand- keep them at my desk and then when someone in the office brings in treats, I can have one of my bars for a lot less calories without feeling deprived.

Looking forward to hearing from everyone tomorrow have a great evening.
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Default I weighed the same as my husband this morning!!!!

Okay maybe for some people weighing the same as a man would not be a victory, but for me it most definitely is!!!! When we met he outweighed me by 70-80 pounds. Then we got married, bought a fixer-upper house, and I got pregnant with our first child. Around that same time he had a little scare with his heart and since the kitchen was gutted to the studs he pretty much lived on salads from Subway (while I sat right next to him chugging down the 3 meat Italian foot long with cookies and chips). By the time our beautiful baby girl arrived we had switched places on the scale. That was 9+ years ago. Since then he's lost even more and I've been through 2 more pregnancies. But this morning we both hopped on the Wii Fit Plus and weighed exactly the same!!! Okay admittedly he was wearing pj pants and a sweatshirt and I was wearing workout shorts and a sports bra, so technically he might still be a little lighter than me, but I don't care the number was exactly the SAME, and I feel victorious! WHHHOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!!! He's got a 10 pound range he hovers in and right now he's sitting in the middle of it, but give me another 2-3 weeks and I should be officially less than him - hopefully forever!!!! I promised myself that when I hit the 50 pound mark I would buy myself 5 new shirts that fit, and not one of them will be for working out! So 2 1/2 pounds left until I go shopping. WHEEEEE!
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Woo hoo! Hubby bought me a new scale and I just weighed myself. I've lost 7 lbs since March 1st!! Which just reassures me that keeping track of my eating is working and just the little bit of exercise I've thrown in lately is working, too.
Only 93 lbs to go (I can't wait when I get to say, "Only 10 lbs to go" LOL)

almeeker- Way to go! You deserve those new shirts

wendymariew - I like that idea of posting notes everywhere. I think I'm going to try that.

pattialbert - I made a list of what I was going to reward myself with for every 10 lbs I've lost and everything has to cost how much I've lost. So first it will be a new haircut. ($10) Then a new bra ($20) A new purse ($30), etc. Every 2 weeks that I get paid from work, I'll be putting away a little money for it.

Good luck everybody on a wonderful healthy day!
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Genny-I love your reward strategy! Mind if I steal it?
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Hi ladies! I'm new to the forum and just popping in to say hello! I've got about 100lbs to lose. My first goal is 25lbs by June because my husband and I are going on vacation to Asia and I really want to be more fit to be able to climb up temples and not sink boats when I get in! My second and final is to be 165lbs by this time next year (I'm 5'11).

I'm 27 years old, married and considering starting a family in the next couple of years. I really want to be fit and healthy before we start even thinking of trying so I'm really trying to make an effort to reach this point; for both myself and my husband.

We've both decided to make an effort to eat healthy and so far in the last 2 weeks we've both lost 6lbs! I started tracking my food intake with FitDay and couldn't believe how many calories I was taking in before!!! It was shocking to realise but now I feel like I've got more control over my weight now that I have a better idea what the food I'm eating actually contains!
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Originally Posted by GennyF
pattialbert - I made a list of what I was going to reward myself with for every 10 lbs I've lost and everything has to cost how much I've lost. So first it will be a new haircut. ($10) Then a new bra ($20) A new purse ($30), etc. Every 2 weeks that I get paid from work, I'll be putting away a little money for it.
I LOVE this idea!

So far my list has been only in my head, but I'm thinking I'll type it into my journal. Thus far I make a goal of 10lbs and then decide what I deserve for reaching it. When I hit 30 pounds I cleaned out my closet and bought some new bras (a need more than a reward truthfully). When I hit 40 pounds I cleaned out my closet again, gave a bunch of stuff away and bought some new workout shorts. For the 50 pound mark I'm going to clean out my closet, then get my hair chopped off and buy some new shirts. My hair is CRAZY long these days and my shirts all look like tents. Hey do you suppose I could get my husband to go along with "a new pearl necklace" for the 100lb mark? LOL, like that's going to happen...
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Default What a great idea!

Since reading y'all's posts here about making 10 pound goals I've started doing that, too. I have 5 pounds to go for my first one and adding the reward is just the ticket! Such wonderful ideas here, thanks! Genny's idea about a haircut struck a chord since I usually just trim my own & haven't even seen the inside of a salon in over a year. My rewards are going to be things that help me to develop a better self image. Gee, I hardly look in the mirror any more than I have to any more.

I wanted to add a heartfelt welcome to HolaKitty. Congratulations on the 6 pound loss! It's amazing how many calories are in some food--Fitday is really an eye opener.

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Default ah...

Hello all, I know I'm not on here often, but I like to check in, this thread is interesting!

I am currently in overdrive on my exercise and diet, although a pit stop for some cake will probably happen tomorrow... eh... no big deal. My kiddo's bdays gonna be good hope people show up. I'm sort of making up for not caring at all yesterday about what I ate. Good thing I was home, apparently my bingeing at home is a lot better for me than when I go out (fast food!) because I did not gain much from it but with mcds or taco bell it's like 3lbs per binge!!!!!!

So, off we go and soon VERY soon I'll be far enough to do progress pics! Wish me luck! I've been yoyoing these few lbs a while and we're gonna get to pics!!

Anyway, hope your days are filled with happy, and you stay motivated and well!

I am going to fight of the dreaded TOM which is coming in a day or two!! Die water weight die!!!
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I'm new here. I need to lose about 100lbs at this point. It seems like a lot and most people tell me, "No way, you would wither away to nothing if you lost that much." I guess I hide it pretty well because no one thinks I need to lose that much BUT I do.

I have always been unhappy with my body but in the last few years it has gotten bad. I was always active when I was younger so it wasn't a big problem.

I got a scale and stepped on it and about died when it said 243. I am now down to 238 but that's in 2 weeks and me not doing much exercise. I have been watching what I eat and counting calories. I am waiting on some exercise equipment to come so that I can really start working out. Now that the weather is getting nicer I am excited to be able to get out and jog. I also look forward to kayaking, hiking, etc. =)

Oh I just turned 26 and eventually my weight loss goal is to get to around 130lbs.

I have a list of things I want to get once I lose weight or atleast get halfway there. =)
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my posts wont take the last two days..anyone else having troubles? hoping this one works

this is the third time Ive written this post...
good morning nice to see the board becoming so active!! Welcome to the new faces..

al.e your off to a great start!!! You sound like your an active woman..good for you!! Love your list idea!

heavensdarkangel Im glad you check in with us...

Desertmountian and almeeker...just my two cents here but go get the haircuts now. Its nice to look and feel as good
on the outside as you do on the inside during this journey. Dont it now!

Holakitty a trip to trip of a lifetime good for you guys...and youve got a great start for your june goal!!!

Genny I love your reward system...I may have to steal it as well!! Congrats on the weight loss...and I also have to lose over 100 pounds but instead of looking at the whole picture Im taking it a decade at a time...working my way down. I dont say I have to lose 100 pounds I tell myself I need to lose 4 pounds to get to the next decade of the 270's. Its not so overwhelming.

Speedfair Im glad your taking some time for you! I hope this week is kinder to you. Shocking whats in our food isnt it? Ive put many an item back on the shelf since Ive started reading labels.

Wendy love your notes around the house!! cute idea. Im not sure what type of vitamin is good for you...I use the reports on fitday here along the tabs up top to check to see if Im lacking on something. Always seems to be vitamin D but since the sun is out so much now I just go outside to soak that up. Maybe someone on another thread can help you out with that one. As for the sweeteners I use Splenda. I tired stevia last week and it was yuck...... id like to try Agave but cant find it here. As for crackers...they are evilllllllllllllllll little things. Way to high in calories for what you get per serving. Right now Ive been using carrots,,cucumber slices , peppers or celery for dips or cheeses,,,or hummus. Satisfies that crunch factor too. Good luck!!

ok this is crazy Ive had to write a bit and then save it..go back and edit it..then save it...the only way my post would take. At least I got it this time...
have a great weekend everyone!!!

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