Odd bra sizes in Canada?

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Default Odd bra sizes in Canada?

So, my weight loss has meant I've gone down from a full B cup to a small A, which with my broad ribcage (38 band) takes me right out of most lingerie or even big box stores. (Yup, that's an A38. Got measured.)

I've tried an A36, but it's uncomfortable along the back, even with a spacer. I doubt I'll hit a 36 band even at my goal weight. B38 is just too big (way big).

I guess I dislike that there's less perkiness than there was in my twenties and before weight gain/loss, but I don't really mind having small breasts; they were never big. I would just like to be able to house them in a bra that fits.

I've tried La Senza, La Vie En Rose, The Bay, Sears, and Walmart. Customer service @ the first two have confirmed they just don't make them that small/big.

Or any brand or model recommendations, apart from Triumph? I've found those bras to be overly constructed and to be made of abrasive fabrics... I'm looking for a simple, lightly padded T shirt bra, with a kind of rounded cup, in cotton (and in beige/nude, if I can dare to dream...).

Thanks in advance.
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It's possible you may need to order a bra if they're not carried in store stock - I just did a quick google search, and size 38A comes up in Maidenform, JustMySize, etc.

I know I've seen Maidenform bras in stores (I believe at Sears and Target, though I'm not 100% on that...)

I've a friend that claims that Target often carries the rarer sizes and has a better selection in that arena than Walmart, if you have the store Target in Canada

If worse comes to worse, you can always go to a lingerie store and have them made for you, though I know that is expensive Good luck!
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I am hard to fit, also, and it drives me crazy! I just got a couple of these on Monday Barely There®

Some of them do come in a 38A, according to the website, and they're very comfy .

Looks like they are available at Kohl's and Macy's, but it does list online retailers, too.
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This is a topic close to my heart

when I got a professional fit at Lady Grace in Boston, I found such a change in what I had believed I needed, and the fitter was so right! It really changed my appearance!

Later I had a gift certificate at Victoria's Secret (now, who was DH really buying a gift for I ask you?) I had a fitting there, and go the same numbers, so, I've been buying those sizes from "OneHanesPlace" - they have all kinds of sizes, and a subdivision "JustMySize".

Good luck, a good bra is expensive, but makes you much more comfortable, and attractive!

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Terri, Cassie, Abby - THANK YOU!!! What a relief to know that non-trannie bras exist for the broad-backed! (No offense to trannies - two of my best friends like to 'dress up' - but I have enough issues buying shoes and jeans, could really do without this new hassle.) I'd poked through a couple of sites, and came up with training and mastectomy bras, mostly. Clearly looking in the wrong places.

I'm not that familiar with brands other than the ones I mentioned (which both carry the snuggly/supportive bras I like) and just couldn't find any other kinds in my size in the department stores I'd been to. (One fulsome saleslady actually laughed when I asked. So much for sisterhood.)

Looks like I'll have to get used to buying off the net. Which is fine!

Abby - Victoria's Secret, that's hilarious. Hopefully you came out of there with something you both liked
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will follow up on this, to let canadian friends know how i get on with shipping :s
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Target is coming to Canada next year to replace most Zellers stores, so not yet an option unless you live near a border.
I have always had bra issues but not for the same reason a you, my biggest beef is why so many bra's for larger chested women are so darn ugly and huge, I would love to find a sexy bra that still holds the girls up and doesn't look like it could house a family of smurfs. There are sexy bras in my size but they have padding, does anyone in their right mind want a 36 DD bra with extra padding???? what were they thinking? Once I get to my goal weight I plan to have a professional fitting at "My Top Drawer" not sure where you are in Canada but they seem to be spreading in my area like crazy so look into it, they also have a web site. I can't see spending the money on a good bra and fitting until I get to my goal as I am sure my size will be different by then. Until then I am stuck with the smurf home or when really fed up I throw on a sports bra(usually for work so I am not giving myself a black eye) Good Luck
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