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Default I need Sympathy/Advice (PCOS)

Warning:THIS WILL GET DETAILED(some may call it graphic)

I have been on my period for 5 months now. Like. 30 days out of the month. I have PCOS, So my doctor thinks that's the problem. I had to go in for all these tests.. I'm anemic(Duh), but that's all they found so far. They did an ultrasound(both internal and external, eww, talk about being embarrassed) and I am supposed to get the results to that tomorrow.

Now my question is, How on earth can I bleed for this long and still be breathing!!??!? (Lol..) But seriously, At first it was really light and cramps weren't bothering me. But for the past week and a half it's been terrible. It's never been this heavy in my LIFE! I am wearing super tampons, plus pads and I am still soaking through both within an hour. The cramps hurt so bad I can barely get out of bed in the morning. I haven't been exercising because I am just too miserable all the time.

Has anyone else have had this happen to them? Does anyone else here have PCOS and can sympathize with this?

I live in a house with my brother and father, so I don't really have any girls to talk about this with...
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Tell your doctor to check your Progesterone hormone levels pronto! A lot of doctors usually overlook this extremely important hormone, or they turn to estrogen without cheking out progesterone. I had EXTREMELY crippling cramps throughout my entire teenage years, and after I managed to have children all my cycles became incredibly wierd. My cycles were always varying between so heavy I felt faint all the time, or so light it would last maybe a day or 2. Your hormones are the things which regulate your mensuses, and progesterone is the one that helps balance it all out. I've known a few people that had PCOS who experienced same things, and ended up on hormone therapy with Estrogen which made it worse, but once they were put on NATURAL Progesterone everything started becoming regular within a few months, the pain eased up, and eventually other symptoms ceased. I do have fibroids as well, and the Progesterone helped with those.

So, I may not be able to give advice in what other things could be causing it, but I highly recommend you at least tell your doctor (not ask) for a hormone test that includes Progesterone. If you just ask for a hormone test without specifying that you want Progesterone tested too, they won't check the Progesterone. So you must Specify. I found out this past year that all the problems I suffered from for the past 15 years were due to a stupid hormone imbalance, which one of my doctors did try to correct while I was pregnant, but never thought to continue after my daughter was born.

Here is a link with further information on the topic. FAQ PCOS Please read carefully.

Many women who suffer this way, and women going throug menopause often are told their estrogen levels are low, but they don't realize the real problem is that their progesterone levels dropped lower than their esgtrogen, which causes all the symptoms.

I'm sorry you are feeling so much pain, and having to deal with such a horrible condition. I really hope you check into having your levels checked. If anything it can either single out that it is or isn't what the problem is coming from.

Take Care!
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I was recently diagnosed with PCOS by my GP, but my only symptoms are mindblowing period pains and a load of cysts on my ovaries. (It's a syndrome, so there are a lot of components to it. I'm not entirely sure I've actually got PCOS and not something else.)

I'm not really pursuing treatment right now, but did encounter a really useful forum. Ladies there know their stuff! They often mention getting hormones checked, as Crimpet's suggested.

At that site, I learned that:
- the causes of PCOS aren't entirely understood (some say it's related to insulin resistance, for example)
- the different aspects of the syndrome are treated with different treatments. (eg infertility with metformin; male pattern hair growth with cosmetic solutions like electrolysis and/or birth control pill - though the bcp also somehow regulates egg release)... it's all pretty complicated and this is from memory - do check that and other sites!
- an endocrinologist is really the person best placed to make the diagnosis, though because symptoms show up in relation to menstruation, you may get a referral to a gyno instead, if at all

So... since your symptoms are severe, and PCOS is kind of an octopus, I guess it's important for you to read as much as you can to work through this with your doctor.

Sorry I can't be of more help, glad you're asking though!

Edit: I focused on info above. You also have my sympathy, what you're going through sounds horrible!

When I have my period - just for that one week, god, can't imagine it for a month - I cover my abdomen and lower back with hot water bottles. I have 3. That, with the prescription pain meds, helps with the pain.

But fight to get this thing understood and under control! It might take a fight...

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Hey Melynda! I have PCOS too...I was diagnosed in 2005. Although, my problem has always been NOT having a period...for months and months. I've often thought "What the heck is going on in there?!" Anywho, it sounds to me like you need to find a new Doc or perhaps ask for a referral to an endocrinologist that can monitor your hormone levels more closely. I have read many stories about other women who were misdiagnosed or not treated properly by doctors who are not familiar with PCOS. You should not have to go on like this! It sounds horrible!! I definitely sympathize!
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I have PCOS as well, check out this website: PCOS | Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome maybe have already, really follow this website. Good luck girl. You are not alone.
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I have PCOS as well, check out this website: PCOS | Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome maybe have already, really follow this website. Good luck girl. You are not alone.
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Default Topic PCOS needs to stay

I'm glad to find this post. I would have never guessed that my weight issue could be the cause of not having my periods. I was some what shocked when my doctor told me my family history pointed me in the direction of possably having PCOS since I had not had a period for 5 years. Then she told me it was ok to not always have a period, it just makes having children harder because of the eggs not ovulating. Since this news I have started to have one day periods, but they range from 14 days inbetween to skipping for a month and then starting at 61 days. When I was younger I felt uncomfortable talking about this topic with my mother. Mostly because I was afraid of the questions that might be asked from the doctor.
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