7-Day Motivational Thread: Week Starting 03/28/2011

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Better late than never. I was in my N.O. office today in training. I'll try to get to everyone later.

Back To Basics!

Health & Fitness:

1. floss 7 times yes, yes
2. gallon of water per day yes 147.6, yes 130oz
3. Vitamin Daily yes, yes
4. Fish Oil Daily yes, yes
5. Weekly calories consumed to be +/- 500 burned -54, +36
6. Workout (like a beast) 3 times no yes
7. 200 Chinups 30, 45 (15 of which were weighted!)
8. get back to my journal no, no
9. Protein Shake ONLY FOR POST WORKOUT (get nutrients from real food) yes (none), yes (PWO)
10. Weigh in Monday morning and Sunday morning and post #'s (stay +/- 1 pound) 170.4
11. Push, motivate, or encourage the next person (behaze) no, no & also do one of their goals.
Non Health & Fitness:

12. Business drop-ins once no, no
13. Call 10 current clients and touch base 2,3
14. Say something nice to a stranger (not flirting) 3 times no, no
15. One RANDOM act of kindness no, no
Originally Posted by behaze View Post
Keep positive attitude in the house.
yes, yes
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Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 View Post
Make that appt! Everyone will probably benefit from it. Okay there, now I can take you off my list for today.
Haha, that's funny. As I was writing my 'report', I was thinking, 'my god, you're such a lazy sack of poo - just write a damn note already!', which I did and gave to my son to give to his teacher. When I got home from dropping him off, I saw this.

You can so totally mark me as 'achieved!' today!

By the way, go you with your chin ups! Weighted, no less! Who da man?
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Originally Posted by MollySue2 View Post
Almeeker, yup! No more non-cellphone time!
It's great that First Aide courses are free in the US; you have to pay for them over here. I'll still take one, but I think it can stop people from doing them.
Oh, they aren't generally free here either, but sometimes the ones my mom schedules are, because the hospital pays for the trainer to do so many classes and whoever shows up gets certified. You might check with your employer, sometimes they will foot the bill for a class, so they can take a deduction on their health insurance or some such.
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Wednesday Report Card:

Health & Fitness Goals

1. Keep calories to 1,500 M-T-W-T-Sat, 1,800 F-Sun. 1,495, 1,937, 1,686 a little over
2. Calorie deficit for the week 3,500. -833, -733, -611 (total 2,177)
3. Exercise 6 hours. 48 min, 94 min, 20 min (total 2:42)
4. 96 oz water. YES, YES, YES
5. Carbs under 45%. 48%, 46%, 45%
6. Protein over 40%. 26%, 31%, 28%

Other Stuff

7. Call SIL and find another race, 5/14/11 is not going to work out. NO, NO, NO Going to see her on Friday
8. Clean 2 rooms (15 min each) + 1 load of laundry. NO YES, YES
9. Figure out basement shelving layout. NO, NO, NO
10. Write library proposal. NO, NO, NO
11. Work on church design 2 hours (or more). NO, YES, YES Went to a planning meeting
12. Fix starting block covers. NO, YES DONE
13. Sew patches on GS uniforms. NO, NO, Got 1 finished, 2 more to go.
14. Plan some activities for Spring Break. YES, going to see in-laws (the kids will love it, me somewhat less so), YES got a schedule for the pool and have a day picked out for shoe shopping.
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hi all,
i ate two glazed donuts today so my cals are a bit high but i worked out this AM and am still at 1500 (or a bit less) for the day. i feel so bloated bc I ate tons of beans. I didn't even need to eat dinner but I did anyway.

thanks for the comments about the test. even though it's a pain to restudy and spend more time on this, i'm grateful he didn't just give us all bad grades. He's a really nice prof but his lectures are hard to take notes on.

good job on getting that note to your son's teacher, behaze.

mike, i hope the trainings going well.

stacey, good for you for having such a passion for dance and asking about doing more solos/choreography! This all sounds challenging to me, but it sounds like you are great at it!

everyone else, i hope you've had healthy days!
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Hectic days, with the boys both sick...somehow it ends up being more to do and I'm desperately trying to avoid what they've got!! Consequently, not so great on goals this week, but that's no excuse. Hopefully I can pull it out the end of the week.

1. Stay on calorie target (changes daily, depends on exercise). Almost; off by <100, Yes, No
2. Balance the pie chart. I'll give it a B, B-, Fair, Fair
3. 2-3 big blue water bottles daily. Yes, Yes, Yes
4. Sleep 7 hours per night (I will get this goal this week, dammit!). No-6, No-6.5, No-6.5
5. 5 fruits and veggies per day. No-3, Yes, No-3
6. No sodas (had given them up, then diet ones snuck back in). Yes,No, No (wow, this has become a habit again )

7. Work on office. No, Yes, No
8. Finish trim in bedroom and bathroom over weekend, no excuses. Not yet
9. Shop for fashion-challenged DH before discount coupon expires Saturday. Not yet
10. Follow up on outstanding billing. Not yet

Wow, that looks abysmal. Don't know why I'm struggling so much. I need to find my mojo again soon; I'm starting to be afraid that I'm going to hit a big downhill slide .

Thanks to everyone who's here posting. I do skim through even though time is limited this week; you all are very motivating and I hope you continue to do well!
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Wednesday Report Card

- keep my protein intake up yes no no
- drink my water!!! no yes yes
- work out 4 times this week yes (W),
- drink only one cup of coffee per day yes yes no
- track everything I put into my mouth no no no
- work on my dissertation no no no
- calorie deficit of at least 400 yes no maybe

Don't seem to find the time to be online for very long. Will try to keep up with everyone's postings though!
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Hi all,
nice to see you guys. I am still sick, on 3rd dose of antibiotics. I lost a little weight but I suspect it might be mostly from muscles. I didn't exercise for many days and my body has become very weak, esp. legs. Dunno what flipping germs are still surviving in my throat.

On the positive site, I lost quite a lot of my appetite and taste, so at least I don't stuff my face all the time.

Those of you who follow the story with imig, I have a new episode we were contacted and told to submit a new application (in accordance with that new law) and hopefully there will be a result soon - a positive result, fingers crossed.
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MunaAmin, glad to see you post. I have been thinking of you. Fingers crossed!

jj, who needs a gym when you're doing all that? I think you're ok skipping a day. My son is in jazz band, too...and there is always "some band thing!"

Ok, MollySue, time to make a small dent on that dissertation! Even one step brings you closer to finishing than before; you go, girl!

Have a great day, everyone!
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Cassie- the fact that youíre worried about letting it get out of control means youíll be conscious not to. After a year of maintaining goal weight you have some serious mojo and will get over the hurdle (or at least I hope so since youíre my push to do it)
Jjeand- Sounds like a busy day!
Muna- Hope youíre feeling better soon! 3 doses have they checked what bacteria they think you have so that they arenít giving you a resisted antibiotic (or treating a virus which antibiotics do zip for)? Iíll keep my fingers crossed for you!
I know Iíve missed a lot of people and Iím sorry but feeling really tired. Found out Iíve got another kidney infection (Iíve had issues with my kidneys all my life and have some anomalies with them) Iíd been doing so well staying healthy so Iím pretty down and sore to say the least.
1) keep an 800 calorie deficit M:-573 T:-849 W: No (junk food for self pity)
2) LIMIT coffee intake max one a day: M: ZERO! T: zero W:zero
3) No carb Wednesday and Friday: W: No
4) Try to avoid ordering in dinner (my fiancť has already said they are on speed dial this week as he is swamped with work too): M: Homemade cob salad T: homemade W: store bought junk
5) Start drinking my shakes again: M:N T:N W:N T:Y

1) Deep breathing exercises: M:Yes T:Yes W:Yes
2) Journal my thoughts/feelings to avoid that overwhelmed feeling M:N (too busy writing everything else) T:No W:No
3) Go for celebratory "girls night" once I make it through this week!: Doesnít look like it will be this week
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