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Question Sickness & Recovery

Hello everyone!
I've been away from fitday for the past couple of weeks because I've been ill. Due to the illness (a combination of adjusting to Metformin & and ear/sinus infection), I have not been able to keep much down and so have rapidly lost weight. I understand that this is unhealthy and that the weight will come back as soon as I am able to eat normally again; however, I would love some tips on how to cope with nausea as well as how to ensure that I still get vitamins and minerals without overloading my (apparently) sensitive stomache.

On a really good day I can drink milk and broth, eat around 2 oz of meat, a piece of fruit, and a fist sized serving of broccoli.

On a bad day, like today, I can only keep down a couple oz of Pedialyte and a saltine with the help of Nauzene tablets.

Any suggestions will not fall on deaf ears! I've reached the point of desperation- I'd like to be able to eat again!
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I have chronic health issues and nausea is frequently an issue. For migraine nausea I take a med, prescription, that is very strong, but for general nausea I used to take Gravol. Instead of trying to eat when nauseated I bought a carton of Ensure and got my calories and nutrients that way. Ensure is what the astronauts use and it is better than Boost. I like the Vanilla flavor and I add a bit of vanilla extract to it to jazz it up a bit. I hope this helps!
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I dealt with nausea for a couple of weeks as a result of a medication problem as well -- I highly recommend Ensure as Meggie does! It seems to be easy-ish on the stomach.
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I haven't had the nausea yet, but I have had the other end problem off and on. The first night of taken metformin was the worst for me. One night I had pain so bad all over (back, sides, stomache) that I was almost in tears, and thought I wasn't going to be able to sleep. I'm hoping it wasn't a side effect, and just my body reacting to carrying my niece and walking that day.
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