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Do Diets work??? Help me decide please


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Default Do Diets work??? Help me decide please

I am somewhat new to fitday, Mother of 2 boys (one is 13 months old and other is 2 and a half year old) and i am here today to look for some motivation and push start to lose all the baggage of fat i am carrying. I look at the dress hanging out in my closet everyday and wish to fit it in one day..this weekend i passed out couple of my dresses to my niece because i lost hope of being able to fit in those ever again. And then i cursed me all weekend thinking how could i give up... I dont know whats my problem. Why i cant get my butt to the gym or atleast try to stop eating junk. What happened to me? I am lost myself and my confidence to even try to look good under this skin....I am looking for motivation and discipline. Should i start with diets? I can start with exercise but i give up a week later when i dont see any change on scale.. i dont seem to hold up well. Please suggest something that will keep me motivated.
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Don't give up! The key is to make gradual changes which you can live with easily - and for the rest of your life. If you're thinking you just have to diet until you're at the weight you'd like to be, then you'll take it off and put it back on. I started with a daily walk before I considered trying to decrease my calories. Start by keeping an HONEST food log for a week to see what your biggest issues are, then develop a plan to deal with them. Don't tell yourself you can never have favorite foods - just figure out how often and how much you can fit them in!

My 2 cents-worth. There are a lot of poeple with lots of good adcive here. You've already taken a big step - decided to deal with the problem before it gets worse!
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I'm the mother of 3 and have stood right where you are. What got me started was baby steps just like nottango said, little changes one at a time, until they become second nature then move on to the next change. You are a work in progress, never doubt it.

Not too long after I'd begun this journey, I went to a funeral for my BIL's father, his mother had died 4-5 years previous, and both of them passed away from health conditions that were probably made worse by their obesity. And it occurred to me that I could not imagine what my life would have been like the last 12 years without my folks. And so I need to do what I can to prevent that from happening to my own children. Also there is a very close relationship between the overall health of a family and the healthy habits of the mother. When you find a healthy mom, you find a healthy family, find an unhealthy mom and you find an unhealthy family. And once I got that bug in my bonnet, it became one of the most important missions in my life to get healthy and drag the rest of my family (sometimes kicking and screaming) along with me. So how's that for some motivation?
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Take a breath, it sounds like you're already getting down on yourself before you start.You can do this! Putting on the weight became a lifestyle and took a while, so will losing it but it is 100% acheivable.

Start with walks they don't have to be far just around the block to begin with. Most often its putting on the shoes thats the hardest part. As for diets well there is a lot of options out there but the catch is they are only temporary. See what you can fit into your life make yourself accountable by keeping the food log. Make mini-goals (cut out one item of junk food this week, drink more water, take your kids on a walk etc...) I find this helps so that you see you are accomplishing tasks.

Everyone is here for similar reasons and I've found that there is a lot of support and help available.
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Diets - I don't like that word, I much prefer a healthy eating plan. Everyone above me here are giving you the right advice, take it slowly. So the first thing you have to do is accept that this is the start of a journey, there will be stops and starts along the way but if you keep moving forward you will reach a wonderful place. I sound as if I've got there but no, I'm only about 1/5 of the way along, however this time I'm not letting the bad days trip me up, I'm on my way and won't stop till I get there. Enough of the metaphors, you have joined a great group of people who are all, or have been, just where you are now, and any problem you have, someone here will have coped with it too, so use them to help. Good luck.
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