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Paczkis are similar to huge jelly donuts. They are filled with Bavarian cream, various fruit fillings or custard. They kind of go with the King Cake. I thought for sure they would have them in Louisiana. They're eaten on Fat Tuesday supposedly to use up all of the fat, lard, sugar, eggs etc. before Lent. There's nothing better than an excuse to eat jelly donuts, right?

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those do look good but they'd go straight to my hips.
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Originally Posted by mecompco View Post
They look tasty!

P?czki - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

huh? I lived for most of my life some 50km from Polish border and never heard of this pastry...
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Hey! I've filtered in an out, but now I'm on Fitday with a vengeance again because if I don't take the time now, then I'll just have to work 3X as hard when I'm older. (Plus I've banned myself from "The Facebook" M-F.)

Goals for this week:
1.) Drink 3L water per day: Yes! No.
2.) 1200<Calories<1700 Over by 500, Yes <1300!
3.) Take Anti-Diabetes meds & Multivitamin! Yes! Yes!

There! Three should be enough for now!

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This week's goals look a lot like last week's...until they become second nature, or get completed .

1. Calorie deficit of 250-300, because I keep slipping and can't get back to my pre-holiday weight/body fat %
2. Balance the pie chart, carbs no more than 45%
3. Exercise 7X's (daily, or double up)
4. Sleep at least seven hours a night.
5. Get in three of my water bottles daily (I'm pretty regular about 2)
6. Stay off the scale this week

7. One organizational office task per day (at least a small one)
8. Finish painting stair trim and spindles by end of weekend
9. Try a new healthy recipe or make over an old one
10. Complete the family financial summit with hubby

I don't know if the office will ever get done, but it does look like I'm making progress. It's ongoing...I have to keep records seven years past age of adulthood, then I can purge them, so it's an ongoing task between seeing which files can be culled and the filing itself. I've really been getting a lot done, having this thread to motivate me. It's good to see you all back; best of luck with your goals this week!
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1) keep on fibro diet (no Paczkis for me)
2) drink more water
3) taper Lyrica sloooowwwly
4) be compassionate to everyone
5) do not talk about personal stuff to those who will spread it around

Muna Amin so glad to see you feeling better.
Almeeker: I hope you have a better week. Your goals are so ambitious.
Quinn: Also glad to hear you are making progress. I hope you are totally healed soon.
Mike: out of curiosity what is the ONE goal?

This fibro diet seems to be having some benefits: Panic attacks went away and I lost four pounds. My bp was great this morning: 110/76. Could be from tapering Lyrica or diet and weight loss or any combo. But whatever it is, I'm glad. I am trying to take charge of my health in a positive way.

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Ok second full week. I did ok last week but I definitely didn't follow my guidelines at all last night because of Superbowl but my team won yay! : D


So I actually did the laundry and tidied up our room a bit so here are some goals.

1. Eat between 1300 and 1400 per day and NOT go over.
2. Drink my 96 oz of Water per day.
3. Get out the dumbbells and use them at least once a day if not more.
4. Go Shopping this week and get HEALTHY low-cal foods.

Around the house and such:
1. Get the boyfriend to finally join in on counting Calories
2. Set up the Ab Lounge ( lol )
3. Sign up for Summer orientation for College
4. Go to old College and put a hold on Loans.

I'm going to stick with just 3 for now because I think that's what made things so difficult last week was having so many in such a short time for myself.

Here goes nothing! =)
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I think I need this thread this week! Life has been so up-and-down and checking in daily makes me more accountable. Everyone's goals look fantastic

1) No scale until Friday. I usually weigh M/F but considering yesterday was the Superbowl and I know I ate a lot of sodium, the scale is going to be up today and it'll just depress me.
2) Get my body exercising 4-5 times this week for at least 30 minutes. My ankle is strong enough now, I just have to DO it. NO EXCUSES (This is probably my main goal)
3) Eat more real food and less canned/pre-packaged. I've tended to use those microwave meals for lunch because they are quick and I don't want to anymore (This means MORE COOKING ). Practically, this goal has 2 parts. So...
3a) No microwave meals for anything
3b) Only one ingredient for each meal out of a can or box if possible
4) Sleep 7-8 hours per night
5) Keep carbs under 50% and proteins above 25%
6) Drink 8 servings of water daily!!!! DO IT!!!!

And life goals...

7) Work for at least 2 hours every day on paper manuscript
8) Do not mention/nag about/prod about the dreaded V-day and what the heck we're doing for it
9) Get taxes done
10) Start next cross-stitch project.

That's 10!!! YIKES!
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Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 View Post
those do look good but they'd go straight to my hips.
You gotta watch that girlish figure...

Originally Posted by MunaAmin View Post
huh? I lived for most of my life some 50km from Polish border and never heard of this pastry...
That's because in Poland it's something that grandmothers make but only if they have too much lard in the house. Here in the States it's a somewhat religious excuse to take really fattening doughnuts to the office. They are also a really quick way to give yourself heartburn, a queasy stomach and to blow your calorie budget out of the water before noon. Personally I love them, haven't decided if I'm going to buy a box this year or not. Traditionally I get them on Fat Tuesday up at the bakery here in town.

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I think you're right. One of my grandmothers grew up in Prague and the other in Stuttgart and they both made incredible Paczkis. Hmm... now I'll have to revise my To Do List...

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