I'm looking for a SAHM for support!!

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Talking I'm looking for a SAHM for support!!

I'm a stay at home mom, SAHM, and I would love to find someone else to lean on for support as well as be supportive! I usually get up around this time and find a snack but i am trying to stop that! lol anywho I have like 100 pounds to lose and I would just love to find someone maybe to chat with during the day instead of snacking on junk food and just have someone to be accountable too. I have facebook and yahoo, So if you would like to chat for support I would love to here from you!
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Me! haha I get overwhelmed or tired and automatically reach for my comfort foods It helps a lot to get on this site when I am tempted. I am on here a lot lately while I feed my newborn anyway. I need to lose at least 40 lbs too. Feel free to talk anytime

Btw, what do you do for exercise? It's so cold outside, so I can't take the kids out... I'm doing cheesy aerobic videos off netflix and I don't know how much longer that will last haha
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Hey there!
I'm a stay at home mom, too.
Grazing is an issue for me because I am home most of the day and it makes for easy food access.
For some reason I have more desire to snack in the afternoon AFTER my daughter comes home from school.
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I'm a full time mom as well, although the phrase "stay-at-home" doesn't really describe my life... We have 3 of our own and I take care of 3 others. Snacking after school is really hard on me, also kids sporting events tend to be hard because we're off schedule and there is always tons junk food at those things! I've got working out down pat, I just get up EARLY and get it done before the kids wake up. This killed me at first because I don't always sleep well, but now it's like a habit and I just get up and "get 'er-done". I love cheesey workout videos, the cheesier the better. Always makes me feel very current/modern/fashionable when I get a really rockin' 80's video.

I've had to make some serious changes in the past year, hoping to reach my goal weight. Have any of you found that it's influencing what you feed the rest of the family? I decided at the beginning that I wasn't making 2 meals every sitting, that darn it all if it was good for me it was just as good for the rest of them! DH has lost 18 pounds, without trying. For a while it was taking inches off the oldest's waist, but she's going through a growth spurt now, so it's hard to say. The middle child has gained weight and grown too, which is encouraging, but the youngest has mostly gotten sneakier on me...
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Red face SAHM too.

I'm a SAHM too. I don't see BFing as an activity. Anyone know how many calories it uses? I graze on junk/crap all the time.
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Haha I haven't tried the cheesy netflix workouts, but have to now!!
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Thumbs up I am also a SAHM

I would be happy to chat with you online sometime, I am only a few weeks into my journey here, some days are better than others. I do have someone who comes to work out with me, she is also trying to lose weight and get in shape. If you are still interested send me a reply. [email protected] He and I share an account, so just ask for me.

Thanks. Lynn
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Lightbulb I am your sahm

Hi, yeah I am home most of the time and do nothing but snack while I browse facebook for hours (not even sure what I'm looking at half the time), but if you want to be friends on face book that would be fun! We can chat and stuff. I am 25 and I want to lose anywhere from 70-80 pounds. I am currently 207 and that's after the 3 pound weight loss from last week! my name is Heather Belmore-Htun on my facebook or my email is [email protected]. I was put on a diet by my doctor, but I haven't told anyone yet because in the past I have been excited about it and shout it from the rooftops and failed..... yeah that sucks! I have one son- 6years old just started kindergarten. Well if you would like to be my friend please request me or anyone else- I can use all the friends that are on this journey to be with me!
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I am a SAHM too by disability. I need to lose about 62 pounds. I dont have a problem with snacking in fact I dont eat much at all so my body is in starvation mode and is holding on to the weight. I need to increase my eating so that my body will get out of starvation mode. I also have got to start doing some sort of exercise that wont kill my back. I saw a dance program for the XBox 360 Kinects which kinda interested me. I might pick it up when hubby gets paid. I dont know how to use Facebook so chatting here would be good for me.
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