22 lbs by June Monday (01/17/11) Weigh-In

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Default 22 lbs by June Monday (01/17/11) Weigh-In

I had no change in my weight this week so I feel the frustration too like those of you who posted last week and didnít see a loss!

Lately I have felt positive and often get compliments on my physique so I am having a hard time being motivated to lose the last of my weight. I know I feel best when I am about 130lbs or less so I need to start being stricter with my calorie intake so I can make more progress in reaching my goal weight.

Itís interesting that there are several of us that are vegetarian that chat on this thread. After starting Fitday, I finally came to the conclusion that perhaps as a vegetarian I do need to make an extra effort to get more protein in my diet. I saw how low it actually was when I first started tracking on Fitday. I just ordered some protein powder and am going to give it a go even though in the past I have disliked them.

I also recently stopped being so restrictive with my fat intake. This has been a huge mental leap after years of super low-fat eating. It is hard to change the mindset of avoiding fat like itís the plague or something. I often find that I am not satiated even when I eat loads of food, especially while breastfeeding so I think more protein and fat is helping.

Mischakitty Ė Have you tried your new Wii sports game? We gave our older son a Wii for Xmas and I have been thinking about getting Wii fitness products. I already do lots of home exercise DVDs but am always looking for something to keep things interesting. Have you tried any other Wii fitness and any you would recommend?

Current Weight: 140.5
Goal Weight (15 Mar 2011): 130
Starting Weight (21 Nov 2010): 144
Height: 5'6"
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Hello Everyone,

Well, I should be happy because I met my goal weight for this week, which was actually 127.4, but I actually had been down to 126.4 mid-week so it would have been really great if I had maintained that. Oh well.
I was very good all this week about doing my zumba and i've noticed that it is getting easier to do the full 40 minutes. I first started with 20, then 30 now can do it all (40min). i'm still being extra careful about what I eat, but boy, these last couple of days, the cravings have been especially strong.

I think I will probably get my target weight of 126.4 for next monday a little early--the question is will I be able to maintain it.

I had to look closely at my vegetarian eating habits. I have cut out the bread and pasta for the most part. I have upped my fruits and salads, instead of eating a burrito, I will have rice, beans and veggies on a plate--just to eliminate the tortilla. It's not something I intend to always do, I just need to see continued progress right now or else I might want to give up. So I'm just going to keep plugging away--some of my jeans are starting to get really lose and that's very nice.
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Way to go! I admire your dedication and progress toward you weight goals. Wish I could be stricter with myself. I think I need to cut out or cut down on the bread too.

Where is everybody? No other posts so far and the week is almost over.

I am going to London on Monday for a short trip so I anticipate the challenge of eating properly while travelling. I always seem to eat more calories then I intend too even when I feel like I am being concientious.

I should be able to fit in time to post my next weigh-in on Monday. I feel I must keep doing this otherwise I won't be accountable for trying to lose weight. It will certainly become embarassing that I am not losing if I am forced to keep posting this info. Maybe it will get me a bit more motivated!
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