Breastfeeding Calories

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Default Breastfeeding Calories

I have a friend who does not want to join fit day because she cannot figure out a way to subtract breastfeeding calories. Is this something that is possible?
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What I did when I was breastfeeding was just logged them under activities as calories burned. I also had my activity level set fairly high so that my caloric intake was at a good level.

I hope this helps
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I am also breastfeeeding and I do not log my bf-calories at all. I keep them as a surprise for weight-in. Like, say, I should have lost 1lb according to the equation, but in real I lost 3lb. No one is really sure how much milk they produce in one day, it's estimated 300-500kcal so I don't want to log 500kcal and have feeling i can eat more, when in fact i could have made only 300kcal.
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I am still breastfeeding but I don't log the calories I burn for it. I experimented with the number of daily calories I could consume and only log activity calories burned for my exercise since I am quite active. I have been able to see how much I need to restrict my eating in order to lose weight. I also gave myself a lot longer timeframe in which to lose weight when I chose my goal date in Fitday. This allows you to consume more daily calories in , however I still consume even more than the amount the Fitday program suggests. I would have tried a much stricter and faster approach to losing weight if I were not breastfeeding.

Once my son was 6mos old I stopped seeing any weight loss that was without effort. My son is nearly one year old and I am trying to lose the last 10 lbs of a 40lb pregnancy weight gain. I have found this last bit of weight the hardest and slowest weight to come off in the past so I am not surprised that my recent losses have been only 0.5lb per week. I suspect I may have trouble losing all that I wish to until I completely stop breastfeeding however. With my first son I could not lose the last 5 or so lbs until I weaned him completely.

A good book to read on the topic is “Eat Well, Lose Weight, While Breastfeeding” by Eileen Behan.
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