No More Jiggling like Jell-o in January

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Happy New Year, everyone! Very nice to see regulars and newcomers alike.

Same old stuff going on here until school starts up, so I'll enjoy the quiet while it lasts. Just wanted to give a shout-out to everyone - be good and be strong.
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Happy New Year to all, and a big WELCOME to the new people. It's great to see everyone here back and committed. I LOVE the new thread title! We have jello sitting in the fridge, and I giggled when I saw it tonight.

I'm ready to get back in gear and work on being healthier. My first commitment is to get back to logging all of my food. The holiday parties and dinner foods were just too time consuming to track, and I gave up at some point. I'm back to logging everything starting tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to seeing a lot of exercise tracking as well. I need to get out there and move!

Let's do it!
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Well I now know what work is good for. It is goof for keeping me on track regarding logging food and activity! lol

Back today after being off for a little over a week. I did not go crazy, but just did not have time to log everything. At least I still went for a walk everyday and made it to the Y several times.

Going to the Y tonight after work to check the damage (hopefully none!!)

Hope everyone had a great holiday and is ready to get back in gear for the New Year! is offline  
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I'm back to the forums. Started doing Zumba dance January 1st and I am having fun. I have about 50 lbs. to lose still but I am happy with the changes I have made so far. In a size 12 from an 18....can't wait to reach my goal but trying to have fun while I do it so it stays off for life.
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Originally Posted by katyq1957 View Post
One change for the new year.. Threw away the butter. ( got some of that spray- Can't believe it's not Butter spray)
What kind of little changes do you make like that? (the little things that have big impact)
I don't really know of any little changes that make a BIG impact, but the little things do add up over time. Here are some I've used at my house:

35 calorie/slice whole grain bread, took inches off the whole family.
Fat free Greek yogurt instead of sour cream.
Lite almond milk and Splenda instead of coffee creamer.
A light dusting of powdered sugar instead of frosting.
Walking to and from the gym instead of driving.
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Great ideas, The little things add up.
I'm having herbal tea in the evenings to add some warmth and predictable routine to the evening hours.. instead of leaving that open to the previous mindless snacking.
Now I look forward to the tea! Hot Tea with lemon tonight.
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Holding steady thank goodness! Now that I am back on track I am hoping to see loss again

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Hey ALL,

I cant seem to get into the habit of going on here all the time but I read all the stories when I do get on. I hope everyone had a great holiday and got all they wanted!

Well I am so surprised because I did NOT gain any weight at all in fact I lost .5 pounds! It seems that when ever I stop workingout at the gym and only do my treadmill I lose weight lol.....weird!

I am going to Punta Cana (Dominician) with my 2 kids (8-boy and 4-girl) and DH next week for our first all inclusive trip for 7 nights 8 days! I am scared about my weight for that but I am telling myself I am paying lots of money for this and want to enjoy every bit of it. I am not going to feel guilty or worry about it. I will just get back to routine when I get back and deal with any weight gain then if there is any. We are getting really excited!
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Hello ladies!
I'm back from my sick bed, and feeling (just about) ready to get going again.
I gained 1.5lbs in the 2 and a half weeks I was out of action, so I'm not unhappy with that. Plus, I ate EVERYTHING and ANYTHING I could lay my hands on...
Only managed half hour at the gym though. Felt like I'd go backwards about 3 months, so slowly does it for now.

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas/New Year!!! Hope to see more posts now.
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I am joining in with the idea that the more accountability, the better. I tried talking to local friends, not or no longer overweight, but that did not work out. They were the ones who talked me out of my last weight loss program because they felt it was too restricting. It actually took me years to convince them that it is my allergies that restrict my diet more.

The worst part for me this holiday was discovering that my daughter and I are the same weight. She is a little taller than I am, but only an inch or so. Through Christmas, I watched her choosing chocolate over lunch and drinking cola over water as she told me she had lost 5 lbs.

It bothers me that I, as a rule, do not eat chocolate because I don't trust that it is nut free and I don't drink carbonated or sweetened beverages. The way I see it, if you have to be blamed for indulging, you should actually be indulging.
So I have cut my calories in half with portion control and am working my way back into regular exercise. I have to be prepared for 3-5 miles a day in March.

Oh and one of those friends tried to dissuade me again, even though she has lost a lot of weight.
Considering her health issues, I know her heart is in the right place, but my doctor is not conducive to healthy weight loss, so I will not talk to him about this. Last time I did consult him, he wanted to put me on a drug that has since been banned in Canada. The nutritionist he sent me to was little help either due to my restrictions with allergies.

Now, my allergies.

I am allergic to tree nuts, first and foremost. I read all labels, not for nutrition, but for ingredients. Most of all I am looking for the may contain or processed in a plant. This limits packaged foods as well as baked goods and seeds, even healthy flours and grains.

I am allergic to anything fermented. This includes vinegar, yeast and alcohol. I can have some, but if I have it three days in a row, I pay for it with rashes.

I am allergic to bananas, which is not a big deal because they are a very starchy fruit, but my nut allergy does restrict my fruit consumption because the pits of certain fruits are related to the tree nuts. For example - a peach with a cracked pit has nut oils, from the seed, leached into the fruit.

I am probably giving everyone more information that they really want, but ... I need to write this down.
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