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Default pregnant

I am taking a pilates class for school. We were instructed to continue to log in fit day, my only complication is everything keeps telling me i'm obese and that I cant set a goal weight greater than my current weight.

Im pregnant, realistically I have to gain weight, although I would like to keep myself in check with the amount that I do.

Does anyone know how to change settings so that way I can make my goal actually obtainable with pregnancy???
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I was curious about that too. I'm 19 weeks along and keep showing my weight gains and was hoping to recognize it somehow.
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Default ???

Did anyone ever find out an answer to the pregnancy weight gain question? I am currently pregnant as well and I would like to keep track of my weight gain and food intake on this website. I cannot seem to find an answer to pregancy on the forums. Thanks!
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I'm not an expert by any strech of the imagination, but I heard that you need 500 extra calories a day of healthy foods when you are pregnant. That would be 500 over your non pregnant daily calorie needs.

You could customize your calorie requirements by having Fitday calculate what you burn in a day and then add 500 to that. You may want to talk to your doctor about it to make sure you get what you need and stay on track.

From other forums I've read here, I don't think that you can actually have a goal weight that is higher than your current weight, so that might not work, but it would be great for tracking.

Good luck!
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I wouldl ove to see a modification to the program to allow for pregnant women to use it without having to "do an end run" around the program, so to speak. I think it would help many women to ask the techs about this.

*off in search of a tech forum*
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