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Default Its that time....

Its that time of the month and I know most of time you gain weight (usually I lose it the following week) but I am always hungry. Sometimes I can resist the urges but other times I can't. I was about 5lbs away from my goal but now up 3lbs. I am down 75lbs almost to 150 at 5ft 3in. I have been working out and but have been hungry constantly. Does anyone have any tips. I have been trying to incorporate protein in my diet (trying to get it around 30%) since most of my diet has been from carbs. I have lost the weight just by limiting my fat to around 25% and keeping calories between 1200-1500 a day. I usually don't have cheats but of course Thanksgiving I had two slices of pie. :-) I just don't want to go back to my old habits the closer I get to my goal. Does anyone else struggle with this? Thanks for the support and I love this site. It has really helped me stay on track.


PS I included pics below. The most current pic I have is from Halloween and I have lost 7lbs since then. The first pic is from two years ago.
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Hey there!

First off, what a big difference; thanks for posting pics. They are very motivating and you look awesome!

If you look in the Food category and see the thread from mtlgirl entitled Getting a Grip, you'll see a whole bunch of posts about how we tend to get off track and see what some of us do to get back on. The reality is that there will be time you slip and times you're dead on...nobody's on point all the time. Your three pounds may very well be an artifact of TTOM. Sometimes I skip weighing that week; sometimes I can just tell myself to mentally subtract a couple pounds. Eating when you're hungry is probably a really good thing...just make good choices. Drink a lot of water, also; it helps (pradoxically) with water retention. Protein will indeed keep you satisfied the longest. Also, having healthy fats will do the same. At about 25% fat, that may or may not be enough for fat percentage is the same but it did take some experimenting with the ratios to find out what worked.

Also, it does take longer when you are closer to your goal. You're about an inch taller than I am and for us "petite" women, it doesn't take as many calories to get through the day, so it's harder to create that deficit. If you try to restrict it too much, your body may rebel and you may get hungrier. I know I had to tell myself that I had to be content with a deficit of 200-300 a day rather than 500, and just be patient.

Finally, the other thing that came to mind is that, after 75 pounds, you've obviously got a whole new set of habits! You won't be slipping back into anything. Falling off the wagon for a meal, having a slip up, taking a detour, maybe, but you know the drill now and you are very able to catch it early. I like to come on here and post something when I have an oops. It keeps me accountable, and I also make myself log everything, too, even when it's ugly.

Good luck moving've totally got this!!

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