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Default Thanksgiving?

How did y'all do? Food holidays are especially hard aren't they? Mixing eating with family is usually a prescription for disaster. I've found that if I stay away from alcohol and take frequent "escapes" to parts of the house where I can be alone for a few minutes and "re-balance," it is very helpful to focus on my food intake goals. interested in how others handle the chaos of the day?
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I got the stomach flu this year, kept me on plan but it was absolutely brutal in every other way.
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I'm so sorry you were sick almeeker! I have only been sick like that once in my life and never want to repeat it.. but I DO envy the 12 lbs loss!

I decided to go out to dinner on T-day this year. I took a friend who is also single and has no family around.. and of all places, we went to Old Country Buffet ( I realize it isnt everywhere, so for you people, its just a regular ol buffet place with a little of everything.

I decided this way I could chose what and how much I would eat and stop when I needed too and not have to worry about left overs.

And I did great! I do not like turkey and not too fond of ham, so I had some beef roast and a little sweet taters, salad, a SMALL spoon full of other things like waldorf salad, dressing, mostacholli, banana pudding. All and all I stayed under 800 calories for the entire meal... which was my breakfast and lunch.. and then we went to a movie ( Morning Glory) was a light comedy.. was kinda cute.. and I had a small popcorn without butter and that was it. Now since this is the friend who compliments me on one hand, and hands me candy with the other, of course she brought home made choc chip cookies to give me. I thanked her, stuck them in my pocket and tossed them when I got home! I reallllly didnt want to BIDIA.

Hopefully, my Christmas will be similar.. sensible eating (out), and a movie. I want to say I admire ALL you women who have kids and family and actually have to make tons of food for the holidays. If I had to do that, I truely dont think I would be able to stay on plan. So KUDO's! to you all!
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It was just me, the hubs, the kids, and a 14 lb turkey. I did have salad for lunch today, but I also had pie for breakfast and the leftovers tonight were as bad as yesterday's meal, but oh sooo good. The gravy and potatoes are gone now, so that's a good thing. The rest of the turkey I'm going to divide up and freeze in single servings for future meals, and once the stuffing is gone I'll be much more in control. Stuffing cooked in the bird is a major weakness of mine. The leftover green bean casserole is my husband's problem .
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I did awesome on Thanksgiving food wise, I ate more than I normally would like my calorie intake to be at but I didn't really "overeat". Today, however, I ate I little too much. But I other than cranberry sauce and some candy corn I didn't have any pies or ice cream! Yay!
It was just good to have a two day break from loggig everything and now I and pumped and ready (as ready as I can be at least!) for the Christmas season.
Good luck to all.
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Default Did better than I thought

We celebrated at a friend's house, so all I "cooked" was a salad . That helps. Once there, I just took little portions of everything I wanted - turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, pumpkin pie, chocolate cake. I just entered in all the amounts here and it came to a lot less than I thought it would - even adding in the additional 3 little cubes of chocolate cake I ate from the take-home box after we got home! I stayed within my calorie goal for the day, somehow.

Of course, I do have a box of leftover meat and stuffing, and another box of leftover chocolate cake. For my kids! For my kids! For my KIDS!
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Margaret is right -- I took the veggie plater and a dish called frosted cauliflower to a friends house and don't have to deal with the leftovers!!! But it was so weird NOT being the person who cooked Thanksgiving dinner. Especially as it is my first Thanksgiving since my Mom died.

But ulitmately, I'm glad I did the friend TG, rather than my own, because I don't have those leftovers calling me.
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I took Thanksgiving and the day after off. Ate whatever i wanted and it was great! Managed to only gain 0.4 pounds for the week. I did eat under my normal calories in the three days leading up. Eating whatever I want is not as much as it used to be - I do get full alot faster.

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