Miscarriage weight gain; can't lose

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Default Miscarriage weight gain; can't lose


I am wondering if anyone who has suffered a miscarriage, kept the pregnancy weight and/or gained 10+ following a miscarriage. There doesn't seem to be a lot of info on why or how long it usually takes to get back to pre-pregnancy weight. However, I have seen a number of threads with women who have the same problem.

My M/C was almost 4 months ago and I feel like I am getting bigger (gained 15lbs) and continue to have cravings...I am sure the depression eating didn't help. But, I have been cutting back on sugar and exercising much more...nothing is happening. I have always been thin, but my age (38) may also have a part in it I guess...could my hormones still be outta whack??

Feel free to share your experiences or any info!

Thanks for reading.

Be well,
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I also gained weight after my first miscarriage and was told by friends that that was common so I didn't think much of it. Then I had a second miscarriage 6 months later and gained more weight. I was told there were several reasons - hormonal imbalance, body/mind still thinks I'm pregnant so I'm gaining pregnancy weight, etc. I kept exercising and dieting, but nothing worked.

I talked to my OBGYN and she referred me for testing, then to a reproductive endocrinologist, and then I FINALLY had a medical answer - the pregnancies and miscarriages also exacerbated a thyroid condition. For me, the thyroid condition probably contributed to my miscarriages as well. Either way, I'm on medication and starting to slowly lose weight again. Hopefully I'll be back down to a healthy weight by the end of the year so I can try to get pregnant again!

It could be your hormones still adjusting, it could be psychological, or maybe your body is telling you that it needs a few extra pounds to handle the pregnancy. But it can't hurt to have a conversation with your doctor about your frustrations and maybe have some testing done.

Good luck!
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Default Hi Babette

I'm so sorry you've experienced a miscarriage. Everyone grieves in their own ways, so please be extra kind to yourself while you're healing.

What sort of activities are you doing? It sounds like you need to do some tweaking, since you aren't seeing results with your current approach.

I know that sounds simplistic... but many of us stay stuck in the same routine, hoping that we'll get different results.

Maybe you could try something completely new. It will also help to lift your spirits - mastering new skills gives a sense of accomplishment and pride.
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Default Still Gaining

I also had a miscarriage just 4 months ago and since then I've put on more weight. I know at first the depression was not helping, nor was the new move (I m/c the day before the move) so I los tmy support group. No girlfriends to cry on or distract me from my grief.
I'm just now starting to really work on losing the wieght. Its my goal to get good and healthy again by Christmas so we can try again bu tI also want to make sure I'm changing for the future and not just to satisfy my current goals. It would be nice to have someone who understands my hurdles!
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