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GameGal, happy belated Birthday! May you have many more to come, and enjoy every minute of them.

So, I'm out of commission on my walking regimen. I have a stress fracture in my left foot from....wait for it.....walking! See, I tend to walk on the outsides of my feet (or over-supinate, if you want to get technical), and since I have been increasing intensity, the combination has caused what is expected to be a stress fracture in my foot. Looking at the xray today, the doc told me that there was already some healing tissue on the outside bone (5th metatarsal), but there is an expected one of the 2nd one in from there. So after that appt, I got fitted for a walking boot (or DAS BOOT, as my mom and I call it. ), and then had an MRI (my first one ever). Kind of blah about the fact that I had to take a sick day today, but it was sort of worth it, as I got in a nice nap in the afternoon.

So, needless to say, my lunchtime vigorous walks are not going to happen for a while now. I'm still going to work on some chair exercises, and take short walks at lunch, and depending on how I'm feeling, I also may go on the "Race for the Cure" walk supporting research for brain tumors in support of my friend this coming Sunday morning; I told her that I couldn't make it, even though I signed up, but I think it would be nice to surprise her.

Regardless of this, I have lost a few pounds over the past week, which is very encouraging. NOTHING WILL GET ME DOWN! THERE'S NO STOPPING ME!!!!
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you are quite welcome! I know the protein smoothie is a life saver for me (quick, healthly, filling, and the only way I would even come close to enough protein every day). And if I had to use a full size blender, pour it in a travel mug and then clean the big blender... yeah well... it wouldn't happen lol. I actually ended up going back and buying a second one so when I forget the mug at work, I have another one at home.

GameGal.. I don't know about the McDonalds smoothies as I have never had one. I have read that they are LOADED with calories though. I use 1/2 cup non-fat yogurt in mine. The frozen fruit (guessing here) makes it thick and creamy and ...well.. smooth lol. Sometimes they are so thick that they almost don't come out of the mug.

There are lots of recipies on here (search 'protein' under foods I think) for different ones. I really like blackberries or raspberries.. they are yummy and make a pretty color drink. BUT they do have seeds in them so you have to be ok with that in the drink. Strawberries are good too and no seeds.

Anyways, hope you get as much use out of yours as i do mine!

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I also found this one on a site I frequently buy clothes and stuff from so its a real site lol... it looks kinda like the Osterizer cup but motor is included with this one for about $20.

Plus Size Shake 'N Take Personal Smoothie Maker? at
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Default Weight and fortnightly measurements.

Down another 1.5lbs this week. It's not amazing, but it's not a gain so woo-hoo!
Only managed 2.5lbs in two weeks, but I'm still losing inches.

Bust; 46.25, 45.5 (-1.25)
Waist; 40.25, 40.25 (0)
Natural Waist; 39.5, 38.5 (-1)
Love Handles; 47, 46 (-1)
Hips; 43.75, 43 (-0.75)
Left Arm; 15, 14.5 (-0.5)
Right Arm; 14.5, 14 (-0.5)
Both Lower Arms; 10.5, 10.5 (0)
Left Thigh; 27, 26 (-1)
Right Thigh; 27.25, 25.75 (-1.5)
Left Calf;18, 17.5 (-0.5)
Right Calf; 17.75, 17.25 (-0.5)
Neck; 14, 13.5 (-0.5)
Another 9 inches I hope to never see again!
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Default Fiber Snacks and other good things...

Hey all! Hope you're all well, and hope your weekend has been a fulfilling one.

So, since Wednesday I'm down another 4 pounds. For a while I was losing at a slow rate or maintaining, and it was bothering me. I don't know if it was because I was eating too few calories or if I was just at my first mini plateau, but I'm back up again. I know it will eventually slow down, and now that I've seen it slow down a bit, and I have seen myself jump back, I know I will be ready for it, I will eventually work through it, and that I will not get discouraged over it. This makes me happy.

And now onto the fiber. I used to love Fiber One bars as a quick snack. I would have them daily, sometimes 2 a day depending on where I was and how hungry I was. At one point I had Curves bars as well, and they were as good, if not better, but less fiber. Now I've recently tried Kellogg's Fiber Plus bars, and I have to say, they are my favorite by far. They are sooo tasty, and give me my fixing for chocolate, which is something that I have missed for a while now.

Does anyone else here really like fiber bars/snacks? Are there any other bars/snacks that you really like with any positive nutritional value? Let me know!
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My favorite high fiber snack is apples.
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Cool Smoothies are happening!

I know, such an '80s expression! So, like I said before - I picked up a travel mug blender for smoothies and wouldn't you know it - it just p*sses me off! (just kidding) Why? Well, everytime I go to use it - my husband has used it! LOL Yep, we have another convert folks. At least he rinses it out after he uses it. Draw back is - the frozen fruit dwindles faster. At least he is getting something healthy - versus his mega amounts of soda. Thanks again heather.72

I am still struggling and just need to kick my butt into gear and get on with it. Need to set a new goal because since I met my last goal - I think I have made it! So, maybe making short-term goals is not good (for me) and need to make it a larger goal/more weight loss one. I will ponder that today.

Have a great day everyone.
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Hey Carren, you haven't given up, right? My bet is that you're not giving yourself enough credit for just how much it counts not to give up. I read on someone's signature, "Fall down 9 times - stand up 10 times." The only thing that will make you fail is if you quit. So, I'm glad that you're still here and still pushing, even and especially if it's not so fun or if you're feeling less than motivated. I'm pretty much with you on focusing more on the end result as opposed to mini-goals on the way. Getting under 200 will be such a big deal for me, so creating that mini-goal was an easy one, since it's a big milestone and easy enough to fixate on "under 200" and not, say, my goal weight, but once I cross that bridge, I'm not sure if I'll go for another mini-goal or not.

On that note, I have to say that I've been feeling pretty 'blah' about the whole exercise affair, lol. I *have* been exercising, it's just been very difficult to get up and going these days. I started the C25K awhile ago and really liked it, and was pushing really hard for a couple weeks to bust through a month-long plateau, and then I just burned out and didn't exercise for the next two weeks. O_o Thankfully this is week 3 of being back on the "move yer a$$" program, but it's tough for me to find balance, especially since my personality is one of extremes - all or nothing, hardcore or, er, "no-core." But I know that's not an effective means (for me) of maintaining an exercise program. So now I walk for 40min on the treadmill and do good ol' Jillian's Shred, but it's just been tough to keep motivated about it. I don't know why. I'd like to pick up C25K again, but I'm afraid that I'll just end up feeling burnt out and saying "screw it" again. Just rambling here, I know there's no way to make me love exercise - I don't suppose I ever will. But in good news, it would seem I'm back to losing weight - my body does not let any chub-chub go unless I exercise, so I use that as motivation #1.

Hope everyone's Monday was as good as it can be!
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Touche, almeeker.

I really love my apple/banana/pear a day. And my raspberries.

But I've been craving for chocolate recently, and this gives me a fix where I don't feel quite as guilty. So I guess it's not so much for the fiber that I like it, just to satiate my sweet tooth when fruit just doesn't do it for me.
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Love the fiber one bars! The dark chocolate almond one is my fave! I only let myself have 1 or 2 a week though!

Hey all - in regards to the protein shakes - I love them, but find they are giving me headaches. I can have one a week, but if I have it 2 or more days in a row I end up with a massive headache for 2 days. Ever heard of that? is offline  

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