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Elliptical...Yes, all the time! It's been my favorite machine at the gym for the past two months. I usually set it on the interval mode and typically burn 500 calories in an hour according to the machine.

I actually just returned from the gym and spent an hour on it. My plan was to do a PiYo class, but the instructor was a no-show.

My thighs are the absolute last part of my body that looses the fat. Ughhh!

On a random note, I think my bra size has gone from a 38B to a 34B or 34A, lol. Ohh well!
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I feel your pain, Luckygirl. I'm sitting here in a 34A as well, although it is a big plus during the summer to wear the strappy tops with the built in bra and not need any more support than that, or to not have to wear one at all and just layer up.

As an interesting side note, on a bet, my mom, who has double D's, put one on a kitchen scale once. It weighed five pounds. So, multiply that by two and it's ten pounds you don't have added on for you .

My thighs are also the last to lose. I read something several months ago; it was an interview with Jillian Michaels. She said that she reached the point where she stopped wanting to be long and lean and "willowy," for lack of a better word, and came to accept her body shape. That made something click for me. I had also admired that long and lean shape, but no matter what I do, it's not my body type and I will never get it (especially not at 5'2"!). Giving up that ideal really helped me to be more comfortable in my body image. I worked on developing the muscles and I don't see my thighs as bulky or big; I see them as strong. But I will say that running twice a week has helped tone them up a great deal, and I remember that when I did Pilates, that did I'll probably get back to that when it's no longer nice enough to be outside daily.

Relax and go with what you got, girl. Your body will eventually realize you mean business and give up those last few pounds!
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Default New, stuck too

Hello, I'm new to this forum.

I don't know how to define "starting weight". At my heaviest I was 215, that was in 1998. By 2000 I was at 185 and I stayed there for ever. I lost into the 170's but gained it back... so I'd say I was a stable 180's gal.

Then a few months ago I saw a Dr. who put me on low calories (1,000-1,200) per day and high protein.., I lost down to 169.

Now I'm stuck... stuck stuck stuck. I've been here for months. I gained back up to 172 and worked really hard and got back to 169.., and again... no change beyond that. I can't seem to stick to the eating plan. I think I'm crazy or something. Why could I stick to the eating plan before but now I can't. I wake up in the middle of the night eating peanut butter.

I go the gym at least 3 x's per week. The issue is that I am eating at a maintenance level when I need to be losing. I'd be OK with 169 except I have type II diabetes (diet controlled) and a family history of heart disease... and I want to live.

I guess I just need to share. It's been going on for months and I feel like I'm just going to stay at 169 and die early. Sounds mellow-dramatic... but that doesn't change that it's how I feel.
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Default Take a break girl!!

You might want to take a week off from week of rest (which you no doubt need and deserve) will make a huge difference in how your body metabolizes food again. It sounds like you have been working really hard and your body needs some time to regroup.
Keep up with your good nutrition during your off week and then start back into your favorite routines...I can almost guarantee that you will see the weight loss start again.

Good luck!!!!!!!!!!
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I am with one of the previous posters....squats, lunges, wall sits, etc. If you have p90x, anything in the Plyo tape will help since it focuses on that area. Try it and see if that helps.
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