5-15 Pounders Weekly Check-in for 10/19/2010

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Hi all,
I've been running experiments that keep me busy and take me away from the computer so I haven't been logging in as frequently.

I never made it to WW yesterday because of work and I don't think I will be able to make it to a meeting until next week due to my experiments. I will just have to stay strong and in the healthy mindset--as many of your have suggested to Mambo. (stay strong mambo...be happy you aren't gaining?! I don't know what to say!)

I binged this weekend...it was my mom's surprise 60th bday party and then on Saturday I went to an engagement party on Long Island. I ate a lot...both days. They even had a make your own sundae bar--I can't remember how long it had been since I last had a sundae.

This week so far I have been good (besides that tootsie roll I ate last night that was the size of 1/2 my arm). I'm guessing I weight more than 127, but not by much. I'm still hoping to maintain at 125 for an evening weight and to have a morning weight at around 122-123.

I've missed catching up with you guys. Hopefully next week I will be more on the ball!

All the best for every one of you this week!
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it's time for my quick update-- i made it to WW last night and found out that I gained 0.7. i was not that surprised even though I had hoped I hadn't gained anything.

Goal for this week: lose 0.7!
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You had some really tough minefields to navigate; you did better than I would have! I have special weakness for Tootsie Rolls; they really take me back to my childhood.

Have you ever thought about logging on and posting something when you feel yourself heading toward a binge? I know I do...guess that's why I have so durn many posts, lol!
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yes, i need to log on BEFORE i binge. as i am now doing it to late.

check out the irony: there is a british researcher, dr. john blundell, visiting these past two days to give a talk about vulnerability and weight gain...or something?! I never got to the talk. (i was totally interested but didn't make the time.) sooo...after my stats class i go upstairs to get my veggies from the department fridge for a snack and see a plethora of goodies out for this speaker, who i didn't remember was even here. I held back for about an hr. then went up and ate 4 pieces of banana bread!!!

i'll be 6 pts over for the day..already did the calculation. that banana bread was soooo good. i guess now I will be full so i can work later without needing to go home to eat dinner (upside?).
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