Anyone wanna lose 60ish lbs with me?

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Hi Firewife - Have you noticed any increased energy with the cytomel? I've only been on levothyroxin for about 3 weeks so I'm not surprised that I'm still not feeling any better. I hear a lot of people still don't feel great until they get the t3 from cytomel.

We were out of town this weekend and I ate and drank to excess... Now, I've got to get back on track. It seems like I work all week to undo the damage of the weekends.... - Jane
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Are you still trying to lose 60 pounds? I would be intrested in joining this group because i have 60 pounds to lose I am currently 214 and would like to get down to 164 a healthy BMI. I have gained weight since I got married four years ago. I have also gained weight do to medication. I use to be 150 and slender. I am 5' 8'' hope to someday get down to 150ish again but would be happy to just get down to 164 for now.
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I would like to join you. I have about 75lbs to lose. I have lost 17 since I started at the end of September. My youngest DS is 4 years old so I cant use that excuse anymore!
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Default Lose 60 - what's your deadline

Saw your post about losing 60. Count me in and let me know about others or groups that may have responded. Thanks. I'm a mom, in my 50s with two adult children and a hubby. I need to lose a lot more than 60 - but that's a start and goal to strive for.
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Smile littlemama28 married but separated and mother of a 3 1/2 yr. old

I've gone from 195 down to 168 in not even a month. My goal is 130 I have my old jeans 7/8 -9/10 jeans that I would like to fit back into my old jeans again. I like to walk,run, jog, climb, swim, dance, horseback riding, physical activity things. my 3 yr. old and me go on walks when it's nice and not too cold outside.
when I saw my dr. last I talked to him about me wanting to lose a little more weight either by a routine or by diet pills but I'd rather not do diet pills. But he said that my body is the right size at my age. I wasn't sure what to think at that moment. but when I notice and realize how much weight I've lost so far.
I feel better about myself and feel good. still want to down to my weight that I was at before.
On xmas day my mother in law, husband and jimmy ( mom's best friend's son) came up for xmas day and mom and husband both notice that I looked good. My mother in law said that to me but my husband didn't know what to say.
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Default Jumping right in.

What a great group of people!
Started a couple of months ago and was doing fairly well, but then had a set back with a terrible flu that had me down and out for over a week. Then with the holidays and all the busyness, I didn't have the time to devote to myself and my health....I'm sure you all know how that goes. After Christmas I realized that I was up about 7 pounds from where I left off. You have given me the motivation to get right back at it. Thank you. The weight I feel the best at is around 130 pounds, so I have about 57 to lose. Started exercising again yesterday and wouldn't you know it, the sore throat started up last night. My husband works with disabled adults and that seems to be just like working at a school or daycare for all the colds he brings home. Did start taking "Airborne" yesterday though. Maybe that will help. I'm not giving up this time. Good luck to all of us.
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hello all. It is nice to hear that we are all in similar situations. I am a mom of two little ones. I have been pregnant and or breastfeeding for the past three years of my life.....a wonderful three years don't get me wrong! but now I am ready to claim my body back as my own.....I just don't want to claim all of it! I just joined this site yesterday, and am still trying to figure it all out....but I would love to meet my goals with some new friends. I am 5'3" and at 211 as of yesterday. I would love to finish out at about 140-150! I don't care how long it takes long as my numbers keep going down in the right directions
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I'm in....I'm a 32 year old mommy to a 20 month old and am going to try this year for baby #2-but not before I get my 225 weight down significantly. My goal is at least 50 pounds by June, but would be ecstatic with more. Seems crazy to lose and then expect to gain again with pregnancy, I just don't want complications from weight to interfere with anything. I'm new to these forums, so if there are any pointers for communicating here that I should know, please let me know
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Hi to everyone .
I'm keeping a food log and appreciate all the group support here.
I'm 53 50 ld to lose. started on jan 1 2011

start 200
current 199
goal 149
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Default Hello. I'm NEW here.

I'm new to the forum and have about 50lbs to lose...could really use your support.

Started on 1/3/2010 @ 194.2
Goal by 7/1/2011: 145

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