HELP.. I am falling off the wagon

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Default HELP.. I am falling off the wagon

So I was doing so great the last couple of day and then all of a sudden we have this cake party at my work and I have a huge yummy whipped cream cake sitting infront of me and I just couldn't resist so i had a small piece in the morning, but then I couldn't help it and had another big piece.. I am definately going to workout tonight and try and make up for it. but please suggest some helpful ideas I can avoid this in future since holiday parties are going to be starting and this will be happening quiet often
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Everything will be ok! It happens to everyone! Just keep on doing what your doing and stay conscious of what you're eating the rest of the day.

Were all here to support each other!
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I just did the same thing sort of. My husband had leftover fried rice and I just had a bowl. Now I want to kill myself (not really tho) It happens to all of us. Now I just learned from my mistake and I threw the rest out and send him a text that not to order more than he will eat and if he doesnt finish it please dont bring it home.
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I had a terrible day yesterday - ate enough for three people. So I decided to make my food logs public for the next 10 days and posted it in the thread I joined yesterday for people over 100 lbs overweight. I'm hoping that just knowing that I have to be completely honest about what I'm eating and that others can see will help jump start me. I know that we are only really accountable to ourselves, and that we need to be able to do this for ourselves in order for it to last for the long haul, but part of the reason we join support groups is to help motivate us. Maybe something like making part of your profile public will help you too. Either way, you can do it. You just have to decide that you havent lost your way, that you still know what it is you are trying to accomplish and put your energy there! Have a great day!
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I know it can be a challenge to stay on that wagon when we have something like that right in front of us. At least you managed to catch yourself after one day, and as long as you did that, you're okay so long as you don't keep doing it! I myself have severly fallen off the wagon all week, and I'm fighting sugar cravings horribly due to falling off. I had finally managed to control them over time, and then I busted it with ice cream, cake, and hard candies.

If you do have a piece of cake, then do be sure to watch your intake for the rest of the day. You can also try to make up for it by either exercising a little extra, or eating a salad without dressing as a partial meal later with a partial regular caloric meal instead of a full regular caloric meal (does that makes sense?

I can give myself one thing about falling of the wagon. I may be eating all these bad sweets, but at least I managed to keep my calories down afterwards instead of busting my calorie goal. I would have been devistated if I knew I was doing a double wammy!

Remember this too, when you eat those sugar rich foods, your tendancy to crave more sugars will increase for a while, so prepare for the challenge of overcomming that natural sugar craving that comes with a sudden sugar high from glucose- and then the sudden drop in glucose (which creates more sugar cravings). If you can curb that craving with fruits, then great!

The next time you have to go to a party where there's sweets like that you can either:

A) Calculate in advance how much you are allowed to eat of any given treat and be diligent about staying within that boundary to keep your caloric goal.

B) Plan in advance to try and avoid the food area, and keep social moments away from the food. Don't let the food become a social must.

C) Let the treat be a special reward by planning in advance. If you know there will be an event with treats, then plan for that day by allowing yourself that treat. To do this you can plan your meals that day in accordance with your caloric goal, and exercise in advance to burn the calories which you plan to eat at the event: for example a slice of pie. (research in advance the average seving sizes of common holiday dishes and their calories)

I know it's not always easy to avoid the foods that tempt us, but we don't have to ALWAYS avoid them. Moderation is they key, otherwise we will be setting ourselves up for a binge when we do face temptation.

I think you did fantastic in catching yourself so quickly rather than letting it slip for longer. That's a great strength.

(Now, I need a kick in the pants to follow my own advice lol)
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You've gotten some great advice here already...hope that has helped!

Whenever I get off-track, I think of the following:

- If you got a flat tire, you wouldn't fix it by slashing the other three, right?
- If you broke one egg, you wouldn't drop the other 11, right?

It's okay that you had a piece of cake! Hopefully you enjoyed it! =) Now log it, continue working out and eating right, and you'll be just fine.

Have a great day!
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thanks so much girls. I am trying to workout and make sure I restrict my calorie diet but with holiday season I am scared that I will give up easily. I am glad I am being held accountable for what I am eating and my exercise. Thanks girls for all the pushback I really needed that
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I myself had a wagon-dive this past weekend. It's hard to stay on track when you are away from home. We went to my nephew's 5th birthday party and were served HUGE pieces of cake and piles of ice cream, on top of that the buffet was out the whole day. I tried really hard to limit my fall by sticking with fruit and veggies and I split a piece of cake with our youngest DD, but you could eat only fruit and be the size of a house. But I learned from my mistakes, because by the time we got home on Sunday I was belly up with a stomach ache and I felt horrible most of Monday. So the next time I'm tempted like that I'm going to think of the 2 days I spent moaning and groaning wanting to die...

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