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Old 09-23-2010, 03:29 AM   #1
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Angry Grrrrr!!! Metabolism is so not fair!

I still attend high school and it is so totally not fair when I see these other girls go through line and they are able to eat pizza, pudding, chocolate milk, and cake all in one sitting and they never gain a single puond. how do they do it and how can I boost my metabolism? thanks!
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Old 09-23-2010, 04:13 AM   #2
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Default Have you looked at the Zone way of eating?

I am by no means an expert on this subject! I am, however, a big fan of the Zone Diet. It suggests that whenever you eat, 40% of your calories should be from good carbs (fruit/veges/whole grains not candy), 30% from good protein sources, and 30% from fats. There are many benefits to eating this combo: first, it's amazing how much you can actually eat when you eat healthy foods (I could barely finish my breakfast this morning!); second, you stay full for a long time; and three, it boosts your metabolism.

I wish you all the best!
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Old 09-23-2010, 05:13 AM   #3
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I have been overweight my whole life, including high school until I went on a crash diet and lost a lot of weight. I gained it all back by the end of my freshman year of college and continued to gain to what I am now.

My metabolism was shot.

I just started a weight loss program monitored by a nutritionist that my doctor sent me to after having multiple blood clots. She told me that to increase your metabolism you need to not eat too little.

The tools here on the FitDay site are good for letting you know how much your resting metabolism is based on your height, weight, and activity level. Then you can figure out your calorie needs. She said NEVER go on a 1200 or 1000 calorie diet. It will ruin your metabolism quicker than you can say boo. So when you start eating "normally" again you gain it all back plus some.

She said to determine your resting needs like you can on here, in my case more than 3000 calories would be needed daily to keep me the size I am now. So eating 2300 calories a day keeps me losing weight slowly about 2 pounds a week.

She said that I needed to eat the bulk of my calories prior to evening and said my best bet was to have breakfast as my highest calorie meal of the day. Your metabolism is naturally high the first part of the day and slows as the day wears on. So make sure you don't eat snacks late at night. Even if they are low calorie they will hurt you.

She also said most nutritionists don't say this but for her a calorie is a calorie. So if you are dying for that candy bar, then eat it, but you must account for it in your daily calories and you might end up going to sleep feeling hungry because of it.

These are all pieces of advice she gave me and tho I just started my weight loss plan a week and a half ago I've already lost 3.5 inches off my waist. I stopped drinking sodas, drink lots of water and have been eating between 2200 and 2400 calories a day depending on how active I've been that day. Maybe these ideas can help you too.

Good luck!
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Old 09-24-2010, 01:09 AM   #4
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I used to be one of those skinny girls. It started catching up to me around age 29 and got worse after having kids. It'll happen to those skinny girls too. Tamm's advice is very sensible. You want to eat in a way you can stick with FOR LIFE. Diets always end, and when they do, you gain. Eating healthy and exercising is hard work, but you are worth the effort. If you stick with a healthy lifestyle, I promise you the tables will be turned at your 10 and 20 year reunions.
If I keep starting over, eventually it will stick, right?

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Old 09-24-2010, 03:06 AM   #5
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I agree with Lizzycritter. I was also a skinny girl during my youth. I ate whatever I wanted, though I was active, but I paid the price later. Sad thing is, my mom raised me to eat better, i was when I wasn't around her that I would binge eat. At school I wouldn't eat lunch, but buy cokes and chips/candy, at friends I would eat nothing but junk food etc. When I got married and got pregnant with my first daughter, the doctor even told me I was underweight and needed to gain extra. So, silly me though I was allowed to eat everything in sight, and that's when I started paying the heavy price of unhealthy practices.

Not only did I gain 80 lbs in 3 months, but I also managed to lose all the calcium in my system from being pregnant, and not replacing my lost vitamins with healthy foods. Ever since then I have been struggling with the yo-yo of weight loss and gain. I finally got it through my head that I can't eat that way anymore and expect to be thin!

Lizzy is right, it will catch up to them if they don't stop eating that way. If you develop healthy eating habits as a teenager, and stick to them, and stay active, then you will see your body react to those changes by shedding extra weight. You may also see that those girls who thought they could eat everything without gaining weight may end up being the ones crying later on about how to get the weight off. They'll also be the ones which have the harder time because they will have to completely make over their eating habits such as myself. I do miss the days that I could eat pizza without even gaining an ounce, but now if I even look at it I gain 5 pounds.
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Old 09-24-2010, 03:50 PM   #6
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I was NOT a skinny girl in high school and it was horrid. I know how you feel. YOu want to be just like everyone else. But somewhere, somehow, they do something different. They may be eating crap, but they eat less crap. They may be eating cakes and donuts at lunch, but they may run around after school on their bikes, or in sports or other fitness activities.

And yes -- you may have a SLOWER metabolism -- but it's more environment than genetics so YOU CAN CHANGE IT. YOU HAVE THE POWER TO DO IT!!!

What's going to be hardest is being different from your friends in how you eat, but you could make a game of it. Right now, you're different because you're hiding behind your weight, I bet. WHy not be different by eating differently, but as the pounds melt away, be more alike with a healthier body and then -- SURPASS BEING LIKE THEM, BE BETTER THAN THEM! Start now with healthier choices and just wait until the 5th or 10th reunion comes around. You'll show them!

And yes, I know as an adult that I am supposed to tell you to love yourself at any size, that it's about health, not thinness, that you don't have to be like anyone else, but that's cr&p (well, the loving yourself isn't -- but you know what I mean -- that's long term stuff and you live in the here and now!). It stinks being overweight in high school and you have the right to want to be thin. But you will have to make tough choices. Try finding ways to reward yourself when you do make good choices. Buy an Itune everytime you lose 2 pounds and make it a fit music to walk to mix. Hit one of those accessory stores everytime you lose 10 pounds. And when you've lost 15 -- that's when you'll need new jeans a size smaller I bet!

Sweetie -- I so feel your pain and I hate to tell you that there is no magic pill. But there is not. I love the advice about the slow loss plan above -- that is so very sound! Use it, talk to your doctor, your nutritionist at school, your mom, whomever can help you. But also -- know that there are women NOW who have been where you are and we want to stand behind you and watch you as you make the best health choices and start to whittle away to the size you want to be and go "na na na na na" to those thin girls!

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metabolism, weight loss

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