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I am a new member. Looking for some answers, ideas, help, and just a buddy. Question: I work nights and am looking for a healthy snack to get me through the night.
Start Weight: 165
Goal Weight: 110
Goal Date: 6/25/11 (for my anniversary!!!)
And need someone to hold me accountable for this goal.
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Hiya Stahlv! Welcome to FitDay.

There are many wonderful folks here on the forums who need buddies and love supporting new folks, so poke around and find some threads that seem to match what you're looking for. As for healthy snacks, I love the 100 calorie packs of roasted almonds or munching on baby carrots. Sometimes I'll make a mini-pack of microwave popcorn too. Just depends on what I feel like at the time.

I have this rule, whenever I feel like snacking, that I have to drink a full glass of water with whatever I choose or I'm not allowed to eat it. LOL It's a game I play with myself, but it always helps me feel more satisfied and ensures I get my daily water needs.

Hope to see more of your posts soon!

Best wishes for your success,
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I am also new as of today. I'm still trying to figure out what is actuaaly free and what you have to pay for on site. What is the best way to do this? I am really looking forward to having support without trying to cram another scheduled meeting into my already packed schedule.
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Hello and welcome stahlv and mccullol! I hope both of you find the support you're looking for here, and I wish you success!

stahlv - For an evening snack that will hold you over, try to get a combination of protein, carbs, and a healthy snack. Here are a few suggestions:
- An apple with reduced fat peanut butter (or other nut butter)
- Greek yogurt with 1/2 cup Fiber One cereal and fruit
- A handful of almonds, raisins, and your favorite cereal combined into a DIY trail mix
- Turkey and avocado on half of a whole-wheat pita

Smoosh had some great ideas for you too, and she's right about making sure you're hydrated so that you're not confusing thirst for hunger!

mccullol - Almost everything on the site is free. The food log, activity log, weight tracker, and most of the reports are free. I do have the paid version, just because I got SO tired of looking at ads all the time. There are a few extra reports that come with the paid version, but I don't use them all that often. Money is a little tight for me this year, so I probably won't renew my paid membership. Enjoy the free version and all that it has to offer!
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Hello and welcome to FitDay! I think you will find it a very helpful tool to help you reach your goal. I have only been on here a little over a month and have really enjoyed it. I use my food log and activity log daily. It seems to motivate me to eat properly and to exercise since I log everything. Good luck on your goal. I wish you the best! As far as a healthy snack to eat on the night shift to get you through the night, I would recommend a whole grain pita (Joseph's is great and only 60 calories) with peanut butter or some Sabra hummus. Very delicious and satisfying. Also another great one is an apple with peanut butter. I hope this helps!
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