Extremely TMI Question for you ladies

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Default Extremely TMI Question for you ladies

You saw the subject, right? So you know that this is a TMI question? And you’re still here? Great. Because I really need some suggestions or answers!

Over the past few months, whenever I exercise, I have spotting for the rest of the day. The harder I workout, the more I bleed. Sometimes it’s barely noticeable, but on other days it’s kind of bad. It doesn’t matter what part of the menstrual cycle I’m in, either.

I haven’t had any injuries…I don’t ride a bike and I’m not currently participating in any other…ahem…activities. =) I thought I was just pushing myself too hard, but even when I keep a careful eye on my heart rate to stay in an appropriate zone, I still bleed. Plus, if it was caused by pushing myself too hard, wouldn’t it improve as I got in better shape? Not so much.

I know what you’re going to say. “Go to the doctor!” I'm one step ahead of you. I went back in June. My OBGYN did an exam and said that I’m young, healthy, skinny (!!!!!!!!!! I almost wanted to kiss him!), and I shouldn’t worry about it.

But I am worried about it. I have a tendency towards anemia, so losing extra blood is never good. I take a multi with iron, but lately I’m constantly cold, tired, and pale, which are all signs of low iron. (I went to Florida and spent 8 days in the sun, and my face is already so pale that people comment on it! Grrr!) And it’s just not normal to bleed when you’re not supposed to, right?

So, what do you think? Has anyone else experienced this or heard about it?
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I think you need a second opinion. That doesn't sound normal at all and I've never heard anyone else complain or even mention it. You need to have a complete, comprhensive physical done that take everything into account.

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When I was younger AF was regular like Big Ben, you could predict the alignment of the planets on it, seriously. As I've gotten older I've had more and more issues with that whole business, and I can tell you from my experience that it's not unusual to have spotting. During my first pregnancy I had a great deal of bleeding toward the end, which of course freaked me out completely, but the doc never seemed worried about it. This has continued since, according to my doctor blood vessels in that area can become varicose and can bleed easily with stress, strain or um, relations. Working out certainly would fall in that arena, so if your doctor is not worried, you can probably take a deep breath. It's annoying, but not life threatening.

On the pale, cold and tired front, I had exactly the same experience when I hit the 30 pound mark. I looked gray, the bags under my eyes had baggage and I was freezing. Yes, all of those things can be symptoms of anemia, but they are also symptoms of weight loss, you are after all running at a deficit. You might have a hemoglobin test to verify if you're anemic, but you might do as well to evaluate your food log for missing nutrients in your diet. I too get anemic easily, and take a multi-vitamin with lots of iron, but I also try and make sure that I get all the calcium, iron and vitamin C, I need from my diet. Your body can only process so much iron at a time, the rest gets flushed out, so you need to get it incrementally during the day for the best absorption, which is also true for calcium, the B vitamins and vitamin D.
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This happens to me too, and has been happening to me for many years after strenuous exercise. (And I'm 24) I admit that I haven't visited my GP about this, so I cannot comment on whether or not it is 'normal'.
I'm also feeling the cold a bit at the moment, and my first thought was because of the weight loss aswell. I've lost a good inch or so of blubber all over my body!
I think you can have a test to see if you've got an iron deficiency if that helps.
Sorry I couldn't be more useful.
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I also would recommend a second opinion, only because that doesn't seem like normal bodily function to me. Are you spotting throughout the month? Or just during the few days before/after your cycle? Are you taking any kind of hormones (birth control patch, etc.?) as that can manipulate your menstruation in funky ways.

But, if your physician tells you it's 'normal' and you have other concerns -- such as your anemia -- talk to him/her at greater length about it. Get the answers you need, and don't just take a 'your fine' as a satisfactory response.

Good luck fletch!

PS - Congrats on the nice 'skinny' compliment! That would have made me feel great too.
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Thank you ladies for reading and for your comments. I appreciate it!

almeeker - Thank you for the reassurance that spotting is normal. Good to know. I didn't think about my symptoms being just from losing weight. That's entirely possible! Thanks for pointing that out! You're right...I need to be better about getting iron from my diet throughout the day. Bring on the spinach, legumes, raisins, etc!

Weightlossboo - I am SO glad that this happens to someone else. I've never heard of this so thought I was the only one! I've had my iron checked many times. I've been diagnosed with anemia, but I can control it as long as I'm careful with my diet and take a multi-vitamin with plenty of iron. But as you and almeeker said, my coldness, fatigue, etc. might just be from weight loss. Hopefully!

smoosh - I'm not on birth control or other hormones, and the spotting occurs all throughout the month. I may get a second opinion if it continues.

Thank you ladies for making me feel better. =)
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first off it's common for me to spot during the month i think it has to do with hormones fluctuating with me. i haven't noticed if it gets worse when i exercise though. i agree a second opinion is a good idea.
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Not to put a damper on things but.. I have had this happen twice in my life. Once when I was 11.. and had basically just started the TOM's and it just didnt stop one month. Started as spotting, then to a reg. flow.. next thing I knew I had to have a D and C.

Last time it happened was 2 years ago when I went almost 2 years spotting. No rhyme or reason to the spotting, it was just there. I went to my doc who was concerned and set me up to see a GYN... gyn said no prob.. its normal etc... but it continued and my reg doc prompted me to get a 2nd GYN opinion. I am glad I did because I had uterine cancer.

I am not saying thats what you have. But it paid for me to get a 2nd GYN opinion. The result was I had to have a total hysterectomy and my cancer was at stage 3. So I am thankful I listened and went for that 2nd opinion! I hope you consider it.
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Coming from a medical background, I can tell you it's never a bad idea to get a second opinion. Either a second GYN or your regular practitioner. Medicine is as much an art as it is a science, and two doctors might approach the same problem totally differently but still both be correct. If the second doc agrees, then you've gotten peace of mind, which in itself is worth the trip. Doctors are human, sometimes things get missed, and sometimes it's simply a matter of one doc happens to explain things to you better. So, if it still bothers you, get a second opinion or ask for a bigger workup just to ease your mind.
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Default Yes, get a second opinion!!

As a nurse, I know there are many differences among people, and what is "normal" for one person may not be "normal" for someone else. So get this checked out--the sooner the better, if only to put your mind at ease.

re: On your paleness and fatigue, has anyone checked your thyroid lately? If your thyroid is not working well, you could be pale, fatigued, and cold all the time. A simple blood test can tell you.
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