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Old 08-30-2010, 06:52 AM   #1
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Red face New Here!

Hello Ladies!

I'm new here and very happy to find a weight loss forum for just women!
About me: I'm married, 30 years old, and a mother of two sweet daughters I'm currently living in Ankara, Turkey but I'm from New Orleans, Louisiana. While pregnant with my daughters I had managed to gain an additional 50 lbs. I had lost 30 lbs of that weight after my second daughter, through hard exercise, and good nutrition. I kept it off for almost 8 years by staying in jobs that kept me physically active, and I loved the size I had become.

Before I moved to Turkey I had accepted a different position which called for food prep with Indian foods, which were prepared with Ghee, and I made the mistake of eating the food every day. I had gained about 20 lbs within my first few months there, and it's been downhill since. After moving to Turkey I realized the healthy foods that were readily available to me in America were very expensive here. On top of ceasing eating healthy foods I stared to drink Cola everyday (about 1 liter+) and eat sweets. I managed to put on an additional 35 lbs within a year. I admit it didn't help that my husbands mom, and my husband were accepting of my new weight, and would convince me I wasn't overweight. Sometimes having someone be too accepting can be just as bad as someone that's too critical, so I would allow the food to be piled on, and the sweets to flow.

I finally stopped myself from overeating a few months ago because I realized I had absolutely NO clothes I could fit in comfortably, and Turkey doesn't offer a womens clothing section for larger women. In fact, many of the people here are so small it shocks me. On top of not fitting in my clothes, my self esteem went rock bottom, and I feel self concious around other women in our family. My husband is very thin, so it makes me feel even worse that people here are saying he needs to lose weight, yet I am twice his size.

In July I wrote up a plan to put into action for August, but decided to try and test how well it would work ahead of time so I wouldn't waist my time on a plan that wouldn't work once I began. I managed to lose 8 lbs in that test period for the month of July, which set me ahead of schedule.

So, now I have 40 more lbs to lose. I only weight myself once a month, so I don't know yet if I lost any weight for August. I doubt it because it's Ramazan here, and I havn't been active during the day.

Anyway, My goal is to reach 130 lbs by January 1st so I can fit in my clothes again.

I'm really happy to see a weight loss forum for ladies! I'm really excited to hear all of your stories, and get to know you all. I hope I can also help motivate along the way as I recieve motivation!

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Old 08-30-2010, 10:49 AM   #2
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Default Welcome

I lived in East Texas growing up, not far from Shreveport, La. I have 3 teen boys. It is hard when food is hard to buy (can't afford some times) and when your in a new place. Sounds like you have a plan and that is the biggest step. You've done great so far. Keep up the good work, I know my journey has been hard. My weight even on a diet has yo-yo'd, I have no thyroid, so finding my calorie limits have been hard. What most people need, I need less. I think I've narrowed it down now. Good luck and if you need a word of encouragement, let me know. You can add me as a friend on your homepage here.

Starting weight : 198lbs (6-20-10)
Current weight : 184lbs (8-29-10)
Mini goal weight: 175 lbs (8-24-10)
GOAL WEIGHT : 120-130 lbs (12-20-10)


"Every journey starts with one small step."
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Old 08-30-2010, 11:26 AM   #3
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Location: Alexandria, Virginia
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Hiya! Thanks for the welcome! Where at in East Texas are you from? I was born in Port Arthur, and most of my family is spread out through the vidor/nederland/beaumont area.
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