Has to lose 119 pounds.. Would like motivators!

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Wink how you doing?

Hey slomoho 1, how have you been getting on? i've lost 5lb, so i'm enjoying the buzz at the moment AND it's keeping me on track. How's things at the work place? i hope you're mentally spitting them in the eye!! Hope you see this post...it'd be great if you kept in touch.
Take care
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Good luck on your return to work. I am just starting this today and still trying to figure out how to post. I am starting to think I am getting blocked because I am using my computer at work. Well I am going to try to send this... here goes

Originally Posted by slomoho1 View Post
i dont think anyone follows their plan to a T all of the time haha. we do stray but it is a matter of getting back into game mode. not just thinking ' oh i failed. i give up. ' i used to have a problem with keeping my will power up. so far so good though. i hope things will still be good when i go back to work (im on maternity leave until thursday). alot of people in the my work place are judgmental because of my weight, so it might be a challenge.
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Wow...finally, someone in just about the same boat as me. I am 22 years old and graduated college this past May. I moved back home in order to save some money so I can move into an apartment. My mom is an emotional eater who has depression [hasn't been clinically diagnosed but all of the constant/boredom eating and lack of motivation to do anything but sit in her lazy-boy makes me think this is the case] and my dad who is slowly gaining a belly but won't tone down what he eats/how much. I am currently 5'5 and 260 pounds. Now, partly this is because of me... but I blame a lot of it on my parents. Due to my mom's lack of wanting to do anything but lay/sit around and snack..she kept the pantry full of snack foods like chips, spaghettios, easy cheese, crackers, chips ahoy..etc. She never made food from scratch. It was either from a box or a bag. Didn't eat much fruit at all... and I remember her giving me popsicles daily as a treat for doing good in school. I was adopted at an early age and have no siblings. We live in the country, so it's pretty much us three. I severed my connections with my friends in high school because A) they weren't on the fast track to success or B) they had no ambitions... just wanted to play video games and feed off their parents. My friends from college are all there but one, and the one I see I don't see very often. SO.

I need a huge motivator- someone I can motivate as well. I am easy to motivate as long as I'm not the one trying to motivate myself.

With that said! I would love to be a motivator! :]
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