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I think most recommendations will say that you should either have the same %'s for fat and protein or less for fat. It depends what theories you buy into, or what works for you

The Zone (which I *think* is similar to south beach--- someone correct me here?)- is 40% carb, 30% protein, 30% fat.
A low carb diet will be anywhere from 10-25% carbs, 40-45% protein, 35-45% fat...

Low fat diets traditionally have higher carbs, proteins in the middle, and of course, low fat.
I think what's important is everything in moderation. I tend to find percents impossible to reach/match most of the time. I am going for as balanced as possible, and staying away from sugars, fatty foods, and high carb items.

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Here's a little bit o trivia.

I read recently that the traditional Inuit diet is about 70-80% fat. It helps keep them warm, and they don't have heart disease or anything like that, because it's all (or mostly) the good kind of fat. They eat things like frozen seal blubber and caribou intestines (which I assume is where they get their carbs), and do just fine. Yum!

Actually, cultural food aversions aside, it's probably a pretty tasty diet. Imagine eating that way your whole life and then being given a Chicken McNuggest or a Twinkie. It would be like, "Huh? I'm supposed to eat this?"
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Originally Posted by me2forever View Post
Just trying to get this right.......thanks.
I am new to this site and not sure how to use it. You sound very much like me as far as trying to do the healthy thing. I just started this week. I went back to my weight loss doctor that helped me a couple of years ago. He got me down to 113 and I didn't stay with it and now I am trying to get it back off again. He has me on no more than 1200 calories a day and no more than 15 grams of fat. I have lost 7 lbs this week doing this. I will see him tomorrow.
I am 62 which makes it hard!
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seriousgolfer thanks, what do you eat? At 68 weight seems to hang on and on............
Gluten Free/Low Carb and trying hard. .5'2 Female Start weight: 176 Current weight: 161 Goal weight: 140 or whatever this 68 yr old body decides. Married 50 years to my HS sweetheart. "Life is good".
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