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Originally Posted by skinnybonz34 View Post
Hello Smoosh,
I saw your post and your measurements are close to mine! I just set my long range goals to next hit 255 myself. Hey I love and need my plant protein shakes because of my cardiomyopathy. I'm trying to reduce meat protein in my diet or just stick to other proteins that fly and swim. Tell me please how you lost so much weight in ten days I need that!
Hiya Skinny!
I wish I could tell you how I lost the first 10 lbs. so fast. I just have been eating much healthier foods since August 1st, less processed pre-packaged garbage and more veggies/fruits. Lots of veggies/fruits compared to what I was taking in. Although I still am getting a lot of carbs in my diet, I have cut back drastically on bread. I used to eat up to 6 slices of bread a day. In the past few weeks I've eaten probably 4-6 slices total. I've always drank water (no sodas for over a year now) and I upped my intake to about 100 oz./day now. I have also been exercising every day. Doing cardio (walking/aerobics; usually one or the other) and light weights (every other day) for a minimum of 20-30 minutes.

I think I just threw my body into shock or something and it spit out those pounds of water weight. LOL

The past several days though my weight has been stationary, but my inches have decreased.

My goal for the month was 10 lbs., and I definitely don't expect to lose this quickly going forward. I'm anxious to lose, but in no hurry, if that makes sense. I want to live a long time, and live healthy for the rest of my years. So I'll take it slow.

Good luck, and hope to see more of your posts!

PS - Grats Michelle on your 1.8 lb. loss! WOOT! Excellent news!
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Originally Posted by mstaff4564 View Post
A little bit of good news on my end: per almeeker's suggestion, I started cutting my carbs to 45-50%. I'm still a little tired, but it will take a bit for my body to readjust to the new levels. But this morning, I dropped a whopping 1.8lbs on the one day! I know some of it's water weight, but still, WOOHOO!
EXCELLENT!!! One thing this whole journey has taught me is that calories are not my biggest enemy, what those calories are made of is a different story.

CD, with all that increased exercise you might actually be at a weight loss standstill because you're gaining muscle, or it's that girly thing going on. You expecting Aunt Flo anytime soon?

Welcome to all the new faces here. I'm really beat and I haven't been able to keep any of the posts straight tonight. I've been going hog wild trying to get all sorts of things done. We're leaving for a 2 week vacay on Sun., and it seems like there is no end to the things that need to be done before we go. Can I tell you how long it's been since we've gone on vacation for a full 2 weeks? The last time we did that, we got married... So like 12-13 years ago now. Well this will be quite different from that trip, as we're taking the kids to Disney, SeaWorld and NASA. Should be fun and exhausting all at the same time. So tonight I bid all of you lovely ladies adieu, I'm signing out and won't be back until Septemberish... Nighty night.
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Default Re: article

Firstly, thanks everyone I already feel welcome here. Secondly, thanks for the article posted. I actually read a report stating that people lose less calories sitting while watching TV than just sitting doing anything eslse. I can't vouch for the accuracy of the findings, but I have noticed personally that I eat more while watching TV and am less likely to notice how much I'm eating. That's why I'm trying to rid the house of munchies so that I'm not able to sit and eat. It's even worse in the cinema with the smell of popcorn and nachos everywhere.
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Question Overwhelmed & Over my head

I have to quit getting up at 3am after only 5 hours sleep, I think it is my leaky liver dumping sugar into my system or my bladder saying WAKE UP! Mind you I have had time to play with some food choices and seeing the balance of protein and carb on the FD food log. Which has lead me to feeling overwhelmed. Do any of you eat the same thing everyday, does it work. Do you record your days meals first then eat what you have posted. Do you record as you go or wait until night. (sorry no question marks because they look like this ť… - computer glitch) I find I am not eating enough protein to balance the fat and carbs. The fats are all healthy like nuts, olive oil and avocado. Should I be concerned then about to much fat. Mind you I have protein powder and when I add it to log it evens out the percentages. Should I have the protein in the morning or at night - like an evening meal... UGH...I`m going back to bed. TTFN ladies Carren
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@Almeeker - Have a fantastic vacation! We're really gonna miss your posts while you're gone, but enjoy yourself & your family. Hope you have a safe trip.

@A.Maliki - I used to eat in front of the TV a lot, and did the same. I wouldn't pay attention to what was going in my mouth, nor would I eat slowly. Now my hubby & I have made a commitment to eat at the kitchen or dining room table with the TV off. We talk, take our time, and spend on average 20-30 minutes of quality time together while enjoying our meal. It feels better doing that... kind of sweet & old fashioned... I like it!

@Carren - I've read quite a few posts here on forums where folks have said they try to get their protein in earlier in the day. I think there was some physical benefit to their doing so... maybe for burning calories or building muscle? My pie chart is heavy on carbs, and sometimes fat, too. Right now, I'm trying to focus on getting more fruits & veggies in my diet and hopefully once I have that down pat, I can work on lowering the fat intake.

As for logging my food, I do it after every meal. I usually eat similar things for breakfast/lunch, and plan my dinner meals for the week with hubby on Sundays. He is the grocery shopper & cook, and it has been fun looking through the cookbooks together.
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Almeeker - have a great time!! I would say I am jealous but truth is, 2 weeks with kids ( any kids ) 24/7 for 2 weeks would put me in an asylum!

mstaff - excellent!! No matter how small, it's a victory!!

Caren - they say the 2 times to eat/drink protein is: in the morning because it give you an energy boost and sets your metabolism for the day. And right before or right after you exercise because it repairs and helps to tone muscles.

As for the food logging, since I am home a lot of the time, I do it as I go. That way I can also keep track of how the pie chart and numbers are adding up. What I havent been doing regularly ( because I think FD's numbers are way off) is keep the activity log. For instance ( this is just numbers pulled from my hat but) FD would say that 10 minutes on a treadmill... with no distinction of speed or incline... was lets say 300 calories. Well the meter on the actual treadmill says I burned closer to 100. And I find it is inacurate in most activities, and like the food, its choices are very limited.

Awwww smoosh.. how sweet that you take the time to talk!
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Default I'm ok, you're ok, and our pie charts are ok

Hey Carren, in response to your question about eating the same thing every day - I wouldn't say I eat exactly the same thing every day, but I eat the same (for me) foods frequently. Breakfast, lunch (if I eat it) and snacks are usually the same, and dinner is typically one of a selection of recipes the husband and I have come up with since changing our diet, although of course now and then we try something new. So far, it's effective. You had mentioned if you should be concerned about your fats; if they're all coming from good fats, I personally wouldn't sweat it. And if you feel good, and losing weight, even if they're 'bad' fats, I still wouldn't sweat it unless it's some absurd amount of your nutrition.
I'm with you that all this stuff can be overwhelming. Lately, it's occurred to me that I've been very successful with what I've been doing, and I'm choosing to give myself credit as opposed to constantly criticizing my nutritional choices. It's tough, although I suppose not impossible, to make my nutritional needs look as beautiful as I want them to be on a reduced calorie diet. I like real dressing on my salad, and I like real cheese and I'm willing to make caloric room for them. It may jump my fat percentages up, but liking what I do eat is important to me. I probably could eat more, but I eat when I'm hungry, and my daily cals rarely go over 1500. I guess I feel some frustration in trying to make a perfectly balanced pie chart, and while I'll always try to improve my choices, I think I've kind of had it in terms of constantly being on the negative about it.
It seems on this site (not this thread, please let me be clear!), there is a lot of focus on perfectionism (getting the chart just right, and eating in one particular way all of the time...), and many folks seem to think they have the one and only answer/'right' diet out there. I applaud the people who can "eat clean" all the time and do their whole grain thing and whatever version of a restrictive (to me) high-protein low carb diet, but it's not the only way to do it. And if you choose to be more moderate in your choices, you're NOT doing it wrong, in my opinion. Of course, 'moderate' to me may be 'extreme' to another, I recognize that. As of late, my choice is to obsess much less about a few percentage points in the pie chart, and I like it better this way!
In short, pardon my rant, but do what works for you, and as you strive to improve, try to realize the progress you've made and the success you've reached with what you have been doing.
Woooo-eeee I guess I needed to vent about that!
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Official weigh in today is 338.8
So a 1.2 lb loss for week 4. Not great (considering how I pushed myself to do more, BUT last weekend I tried on a pair of (non stretch) jeans that I couldn't even make the ends meet. Today I buttoned and zipped them (they were tight still). So yay.
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looking for support...I am 235 and 5'1" at 62 years very young...need weight loss buddies to keep me motivated...right now I have to stay under 1700 cals. a day to lose weight, and I am feeling really resentful...any support would be helpful and you may e-mail [email protected]
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@CD- That's an accomplishment! Something to be proud of, hard earned girl! I bet you've decreased inches too... are you checking that? Keep up the great work!

@cacilona - Welcome! This is a fantastic group full of wonderful ladies working together to get fit & healthy. Happy to have you join us and look forward to seeing you post more. I understand your feelings of resentment, that's very normal, but try to turn it around into a positive opportunity to get healthier and feel so much better. Write down some goals, no matter how big or small -- all the wonderful things that you can look forward to by eating right & exercising. Focus on those good things and the process will get easier day-by-day!
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