My New Goal!

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Measurement time ladies, here goes nothin':

Neck, 13.0 change -.1
Bicep, 12.7 change +.3
Forearm, 10.2 change +.2
Chest, 41.0 change -.5
Waist, 33.0 change +.8
Thigh, 21.5 change -1.25
Calf, 15.5 change +.25


Neck: 14, 13.75 (-.25)
Bicep: 13 (0)
Forearm: 10
Chest: 34.75 below bust, 38.5 above bust, 39 on bust (I have no idea which I'm supposed to use! Help?!)
Waist: 35.5, 34.5 (-1.0)
Hips: 42, 41 (-1.0)
Thigh: 24.0, 24.5 (+.5)
Calf: 15.5

For all of the measurements that I forgot to do before going to steal Starbucks internet, I just put in my most recent measurements so that atleast they are in the forum for me to update in one to two weeks! I'm not too worried about my thighs getting bigger because I've always had muscular thighs and I've been uphill tredmill walking along with some lower body weights and I've heard that during cardio while lifting making your muscles bulk faster. I've also been doing more upper body work outs than lower body because I've been so stoked to have a spotter that I've gone kinda over board. Lol, whoops!

Almeeker: Oh no! Don't be intimidated by M&F Hers! We all have the same parts, these are just women who have pushed themselves that extra mile! I use them as inspiration and find the exercise demonstrations to be extra helpful because you can see all of their muscles clearly defined so I know just exactly what's going on ^_~
Plus muscle helps burn fat, so by building the muscles, you're helping for them to be visble twice as much! 'Eh, 'eh? ::nudge nudge:: Lol, I'm just playing with you, if it's a bit much then no worries!
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ok, I didn't know anyone had replied to my post.

mhibdon - I'm 5'7". I also experience the foot numbness on the elliptical. I have been meaning to ask our fitness supervisor about it. I will do that this week when I get a chance to talk to him. I am a busty woman. I was in a DDD, but am now in a DD and the band size has gone down too.

I will do my measurements this Sunday which is the 1st and post them! Good luck everyone!
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My measurements:

1/18/10 8/1/10 Difference
Neck: 16 14 -2
Bicep: 12 12 0
Forearm: 10.5 9.5 -1
Chest: 50 45 -5
Waist: 47 40 -7
Hips: 46 41 -5
Thigh: 24 21.5 -2.5
Calf: 17 16 -1

That feels great!!!
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