No more jiggling July .. 100 plus ladies

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Thanks Rhino, it was pretty cool. It may take the additional 90+ pounds to get her to mention it again, but... it was a start and sometimes, that's enough. At least for now.

I miss you guys. Work was insane this week, there are new faces here that I don't know yet - welcome welcome welcome! Hope you get all the support you need to acheive your goals. Where's Jaynie?
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Jaynie come out whereever your are???

Morning ladies
this weekend was a bit up and down for me foodwise..did well untill last night when I fell into a package of cookies but I threw them out!!!! Dont need those temptations hanging around. The rest of the weekend was good though...Im still down a bit after last week too! Im leaving on a plane in two weeks so Im not goign to fail now!
Erinn Im so glad to hear your mother noticed your efforts..its a hard thing for some people to acknowledge. I think sometimes its a jealousy thing
Blackrhino its hard for parents to see what their children are doing to themselves and to not say anything is harder still....its tough. Do you think now that maybe this was his way of showing his love??
Mstaff I like the nail polish idea...check out the dollar store and see what you can find for a buck! Something cool for summer would be so cute..I can see a neon green or yellow!! Everytime you look at them you will remember how far you have come.
Almeeker that many raspberries would never last in my dh loves them ..just plain! mmm so do I.
Couldnt get to the ymca today but got out for a walk outside and enjoy that fresh air instead!! sun on the face and breeze in the nice!!!

off now...ttyl
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Hey there.
I have to start by saying that is so motivating to read y'all's posts. To see that are having the same struggles and failures and achievements, and yet have overcome those to accomplish the many of the goals you have is just so encouraging, so thank you.
As for me, I'm really excited. I know I've just started but I've slowly cut down my calorie intake. I started around 2,500 and now I'm down to eating 1,400. I know its just a small step, but its enough to motivate me for now =D
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Hi Lovely Ladies!!! I'm just checking in to say that I've been struggling the last few days but I'm back on track today! I'm going with 1800 calories a day or less starting right now! I started logging all my food intake and exercise on fitday. I just hope I can learn to live with 1800 calories a day instead of my usual 2500 or more. Looking forward to getting to know you all here and beating this problem together!
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Originally Posted by almeeker
There was another poster that gave herself the amount of the loss as cash for a reward, so at 10 pounds lost she bought something that cost $10 and at 20 pounds lost, a purse that cost $20, so forth and so on. Actually that's a plan that makes a lot of sense, because the more you've lost the more new clothes you need anyway.
That's a pretty cool idea. I could take and squirrel away a dollar for each lb lost, & use it for some new clothes as I need them.

Originally Posted by GameGal
You might try a digital scale. I got mine at and love it. I looked to see if I could tell you which it was, but it isnt there anymore.
I got a simple digital scale from Wal-mart. It just measures weight with no other bells & whistles, but that's all I need for now.

To SkinnyErinn: Congrats on the weight loss and on the compliment from your mom! If she's not usually one for compliments, that must've been hard for her to say, but I'm SO happy you were able to get acknowledgement from her.

Thanks to everyone for the inexpensive "reward" ideas. I'm going to work this week on creating mini-goals & rewards for myself.

So I weighed in this morning. I did lose some weight this week, but the difference between the old scale & the new digital one is about 3lbs. So while I actually lost about 1.5lbs, I'm going to readjust my weekly weight to 241.5 to get in line with the new scale. Kind of stinks, but I'm not stressed about it.

I swam 32 laps on Saturday, which I believe is a mile, so I was happy about that. And I didn't feel nearly as sore on Sunday as I usually do. I also did an hour and a half hike this morning. After last week's hike, my feet were killing me, so I sucked it up and went to buy some new shoes. I got some nice workout shoes & walking shoes for everyday for about $60. The new shoes are working great. My feet didn't hurt at all today.

More than anything, I am definitely noticing how much stronger I am after only a month of exercise and how much energy I have. It makes me very happy

I am starting to have a problem meeting my calorie levels I set. I set a range of 1500-1800 a day, but some days I'm lucky if I get 1300 or 1400. Which is probably OK on the rest days, but not OK when I'm burning 700 to 1300 additional calories swimming or hiking. I'm worried my body is going to go into "starvation" mode & refuse to cooperate. I've got to find some ways to up my calories without upping my carbs.

Have to go back to work tomorrow. BOO!
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Morning ladies, I can't chat long, I have to get the workout in before the kiddies get here. Anyway, my holiday was fantastic entertainment-wise and a complete disaster calories-wise. This is the first time in 6 months that I've actually consumed more calories than I've burned, so I'm a little disappointed in myself that way. The good news is that I worked out everyday because I wanted to, and because I ate so many things that I normally don't my stomach and GI track have been completely off-kilter. I know that doesn't sound like a good thing, but I'm one of those people that will actually stop myself the next time from eating something that has made me sick before, or I will stop myself sooner. So this morning I'm totally back on track. Actually I didn't eat too many things that are off plan over the weekend, just waaayyyy toooo much of almost everything. I gotta get going, it's getting late here.
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DAY 1: Just starting out. My first goal is 6 pounds- 134, down from 140. I would loke to reach it in two weeks. I think that may be realistic since I am just beginning. I've written an food and exercise plan. My real goal is simply to stick to it, one week and one day at a time. If I do that, I will loose what my body is ready to give up and I will feel sleeker and healthier in a week. It is stringent. I am hoping to capitalize on the high level of motivation one has at the beginning of a challenge. Exercise goal is for 2 pilates, 3 nia and 2 yoga classes this week. Wish me luck and write to me and share your goals.
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I'm back again. Got the workout in, and all the kiddos are here now. The weekend was calorie-wise crazy huge. I was soooo very off plan it wasn't even funny. I debated not even trying to figure it out this morning, but I made myself do it anyway. That will help me next time I hope. I'm sitting here this morning 7.7 pounds heavier than I was on Saturday morning, seriously. It's hard to believe I was that bad, and I do feel a little bloated and dehydrated this morning, but believe me I was super naughty. I've done what I can to get back on track, and I think something I ate has given me a mild case of food poisoning, so I feel unwell enough that the carb monster isn't riding my back at all. Which is good and bad all at the same time.

skinny, I'm so glad that your mom said something nice. I mean seriously if the woman has eyes (and a brain) in her head she knows that you've been losing weight, but sometimes people have a really hard time acknowledging the success of others. Some people never ever learn to do it, and although your mother sure took her sweet time about it, she overcame a hurdle by saying it out loud to you. That's a huge step, for both of you.

gamegal, geez what a traumatizing experience!!!! I thought I had it bad because my mother put me on a no-food, shakes only diet in the 4th grade. Man, that does it, I'm calling mom to tell her that I love her and to say one more time that she's a great mom. You know as a parent I struggle with how to help my children with this same issue. Our oldest is a little chubby, not obese by any stretch, but certainly overweight. She's very active, but she has a serious sweet tooth. I've gotten rid of most of the junkie snacks in the house, but now she sort of in "deprivation" mode, so when she does get the junkie snacks, she goes overboard. I try really hard not to make it a huge issue, but when she's headed for 2nds and 3rds, my DH and I both step in. I think she has some of the same issues I do, I don't feel full until maybe 45 minutes after I've eaten and I'm also a carbaholic. Poor thing, she's soooo very like her mother. I've been working gently with her, we talk about nutrition frequently, and it seems to be helping. Fingers crossed.

Jaynie, come out come out where ever you are.

mstaff, strong chicks rule!!! I think it's that "strong" feeling that gets people addicted to working out. I've been debating taking some pics of myself doing the typical body building poses, just for fun. Well also for posting, since tandoorichicken has said over and over that "women don't get big muscles, blah blah blah - they get naturally sleek muscles". All I can say is that he's wrong, and it just might be fun to show him just how wrong.

patti, raspberries wouldn't last at my house either, but you have to understand that I've picked bucketfuls. What didn't get eaten has been washed and frozen, and when I get a minute, I'm going to make jam. I use about 8 cups of crushed berries with 1 cup of sugar, 1 box of "no sugar added" pectin and 1 3/4 cup unsweetened cranberry cocktail juice. It's just the right thing to put in Greek yogurt. Yummmmmm....

Well I gotta go, the kiddies need some entertainment....
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Yes, I think that my dad was telling me to not eat things--like 4 cookies, because he loved and cared about me and he didn't want me to have the same struggles that he and his entire family have. I was angry because we didn't get along that well (maybe we were too similar) and I hated anyone telling me what to do. So food became an item of contention between us.

I wonder if what he did worked at all. I now have bingeing issues, but other times I am very content and happy to eat healthy portions. I am considered to be a healthy weight. If he hadn't said anything who knows if I would have been worse or better off. It's probably better that he did speak up even though it made me self conscious.

Our roles have changed, as now I wish I could ask him to be more careful since he is over weight and I wish he would lose a few pounds so that I didn't worry about him so much.
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Hi there~ almeeker invited me to a 100 lb club... not sure if this is the right one, but if so, here I am! I ballooned to 239 (my heaviest ever!) between 2000 and 2006. Sept 2006 I had my thyroid out. Struggled until April of 2008 when I said THAT'S ENOUGH! I have well over 100 lbs to lose and I have to do something about it NOW! So between April 1 and September 1, 2008 I lost 60 lbs just by walking and eating very little. Well September 2008 my doctor stopped my metabolism with a pill and I not only couldn't lose any more, but gained 41 of the 60 back. (see my blog below for the full story)

Well between now and then, I have been maintaining right around 220 or so. I NEED to be 104-118 for my height (5'2.5) but I put my goal weight as 125, even though I will accept 135 at this point. So with my recent loss of 8 lbs over the past 8 weeks, I have almost 88 lbs to go, to my high goal of 125.

SO with all that blabbering being said (haha) may I join the Jiggling July 100 plus group? I have been 100 lbs + over weight starting slowly in 2000 when my thyroid went haywire, so I should qualify... right?

I look forward to getting to know you all~ and hope you will accept me as one of your own.
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