5-15 -Pounders Weekly Check-In for 6/29/10

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protein powder is a great idea-- I am starving at about 3-4 pm especially if I am really active....I'll eat anything! Thanks for the tip I am on it! Sharon
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Hello everyone.

Congratulations for the weight loss and maintenance!

Last week was my first week on Fitday. I logged my meals, wrote in my journal, recorded my mood and activities, and read through the forum everyday. When I weighed myself, I lost 1 pound (which I think is good for a week) and am now 143.8. Only 13.8 more to go! I think I enjoyed being happier, having less cravings through eating good foods and stressing less, and the way my skin looked more than the pound loss!

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Cool new to site

Hi ladies
I want to lose 25 pounds; started adkins on Saturday and stiicking to it-----good for me. I haven't weighed myself since I started; my start weight was 175. I will weigh myself onSaturday and see what happens.
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I ended up going to weight watchers today to find out that I had gained 1.2 pounds! and i thought i had lost! sometimes I expect it and so I'm prepared for the number on the scale, but not this time. It really got me down. I wish I didn't go! Although, it's probably good to be reminded to keep on track by seeing 126.2 on the scale, especially when I had imagined 124. Since I always weigh myself mid-day I have eaten already and I also have clothes on, so that adds 1-2 pounds i think. If only the WW people would let me get on that scale naked!

so then i binged! shocker. I think i have bingeing habits. like last night i ate an entire pint of fresh blueberries, and a bunch (maybe a cup!) of raisins. today after WW i ate some almond butter from the jar, more raisins, low fat cottage cheese, two small chicken thighs and some steamed zucchini. oh and a table spoon or so of hot cocoa for good measure. good grief! i know i'm having a salad for dinner so i think I should be okay for the day but I haven't entered it all yet. i also did an hour bike ride and I'm going to a body sculpting class tonight.

ok..i'm off to try and find a target.
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Oh noes, Julia...

Thought you were skipping today! Time to learn the fine art of when not to jump on the scale, sweetie pie! Although if you thought you'd lost, I can see where you were coming from.

But time to stop the hijinks right now. Put down the raisins, go find your target, and burn off some calories doing it. It might also be helpful to do some journaling. None of the stuff you ate is going to crucify you, but it's time to get back on plan. Next time you want to binge, get on here and give us a good long post about whatever's frustrating you. You know we'll listen and somebody'll say something that will probably help you a bunch. To paraphrase from Nemo, friends for frustration, not food!

Hang in there!
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I thought I was skipping today too, but since I had to go into the lab really early I didn't leave time to make my lunch in the morning. I decided instead to bike to school and then bike home for lunch. So then I was thinking "why not just bike to WW?" as its only about 2 miles from my apt.

These past few days I have been wearing shorts and when I look at my thighs in the mirror, for the first time in a long long time, I am not repulsed and I'm even happy. We are all our own best critics so if it sounds bad for me to talk about my own thighs like that, I agree, but I really felt that they looked bad. Well, all those lunges and wall-sits and squats are paying off because I see definition in my legs. This makes me very happy and is one of the reasons I thought I had lost weight. Now i'm wondering if my mind and mirror are broken. Although these few pounds could be muscle, or water retention. Or, even if it is just fat, I hope that most people wouldn't be able to look at my thighs and see an extra 1.2 pounds.

I'm debating buying a scale for my apartment as I'm curious to know my weight at different times of the day/month. Although, my mood can be so damaged by a number on the scale that I am not sure it is smart of me to buy it. I wish I could just go by how my clothes feel. I flip flop back and forth on what the best way for managing my weight: scale, no scale, WW, counting calories, seeing how I fit into clothes--or in all likelihood a bit of everything.

Thanks Cassie for the help, you're right about journaling more. I also have to keep in mind that losing weight slowly with habits that I can keep is my goal. Including everything that I plan to eat on my salad tonight: canned salmon, beans and lots of veggies--I will be at 1721 calories for the day. I think that should be okay, even though it is a little on the high side.
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It’s great to hear everyone’s success this week.

Blackrhino2: When I hit certain weight loss milestones, somehow it seemed to increase my cravings too. My only advice is that if you stray, don’t stray too far. Just quickly get back to your normal routine. BUT…I think 1.2 lbs could definitely be just water weight, and you shouldn’t make too big of deal of it.

My update for this week is good. After reaching my goal weight (and then some) in May, I’ve had another good week of maintaining. I've been tinkering with the right balance to keep from losing anymore weight. I'm still staying on my whole foods / low fat / high fiber diet, but added a couple hundred (high quality) calories extra a day and then had a nice dinner-out on Sunday. I’m sticking with that plan through the July 4th holiday weekend.
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