im new here and already feeling defeated.

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Post im new here and already feeling defeated.

I started my food chart this morning of calories im supposed to take in and what I've already taken in this morning. Its breakfast and It seems as if the next 2 meals will be very small. I thought i was eating a healthy breakfast egg omelet, wheat toast and oj. Ive never been a breakfast eater so this is new to me also lol. Any ideas on eating on the right amounts for this?
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it is a real eye opener. We don't realize just how many calories we take in, until we track it.
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You can probably have the same thing for breakfast but in smaller portion sizes - if you want that for breakfast. You can try different ingredients (change the omelette calorie count by adding Egg Beaters to an egg - which is just adding egg whites - and stuffing the omelette with cooked drained vegetables). Or just buy an omelette in the freezer section of the supermarket - those omelettes can be small.

I know I'll think twice before ordering a patty melt at Ihop; I thought it was just a hamburger but it's really almost all my calories for the day!
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I was in the same situation when I started. I was way over my calories per day, but began switching small things each day. My breakfast now is low calorie yogurt and a ton of fruit. I started with changing butter on my toast for low calorie healthy substitute. I went for a lowfat cheese for my omelet that saved 50 calories per slice. Now I sometimes actually have trouble not going too far under, but it is a journey of one thing at a time.
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Yes, I know Einstein is spelled this way, but that's my dogs name.
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My morning food count is usually around 450-550 calories which consists of egg whites(30-60cal), a tablespoon of olive oil (119cal), a fresh veggie, this can be a combo of spinach, mushrooms,red bell pepper, green onions,but it really depends what's in the fridge at the time.
I'll also have a slice or 2 of avocado, fat free sour cream or feta-once again, depends on whats in the fridge and I'll have that on either the thin wheat buns (100cal) or small white corn tortillas ( [email protected] 100 cal).

This will sustain me till my mid morning snack which can be fruit, yogurt, cottage cheese or a small (1/2 cup) of oatmeal.
I then try to eat a light lunch
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Try having green smoothie for breakfast and avoid eating wheat and dairy products, You are getting the nutrition you need, about 300-400 per smoothie (depending on what you put in your smoothie). Try using the "MyFitnessPal" to keep track on the calories intake...
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Holy crap. I put in my calories for today and it was over 2500! I can't believe how much I eat when I actually keep track of it. This is bad.
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