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Unhappy Please reach out

I am reaching out for support. I am 26 and weight 243. I am tall (5'9) so it does not look like I am massively overweight but that does not matter to to me. I used to be rather fit until had had both my daughters. I am struggling and just can't seem to get this weight off. It has been 6 years since my first one was born and i have tired and tried. It is not that I can't lose the weight it is that I don't have the support group. I need someone on my heals to "kick my ass" so to say. About 4 months ago I started the Wii fit and lost 25 lbs in 2 months. I was so happy but them my husband and I decided to move and that caused me to go off my routine and I have gained it ALL back plus 1 pound! Please a beg of you to reach out to me and help motivate me to keep going. I am doing my best on my own but this is a fight i can not face. I know this is a big ramble and not making much sense but that is just the mood I am in. So please help and I will also be supportive of you.THANKS
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Hello Jakevoll,

You sound really frustrated. I feel your pain, until recently I weighed 244 pounds, and I'm 6" shorter than you! And believe me I did look massively overweight. Unlike you I was fat before I had my girls, so I only had myself to blame for my obesity. I had gotten to the point where I accepted my weight and was determined to live a happy life, but I wasn't healthy in the least and I could feel myself slowing down and not being the mom or wife I want to be. For me attaining a healthy weight was such a hopeless goal that I really didn't believe it was possible. Seriously if someone had told me 6 months ago that today I would be 75 pounds lighter I would have snorted first then laughed my head off. It was completely unfathomable. But guess what? I am 75 pounds lighter. It is possible and fitday is a really great tool for getting there. I use the food portion to record every meal, I'm extremely honest, and I measure almost everything. I also use the activities portion to estimate my calorie burn and I make darn sure that the burn is around 1,000 calories higher than my intake, give or take. Some days are harder than others, but at the end of the week generally speaking I'm a pound or two lighter. I have about 49-50 pounds to go, but I feel pretty confident that I'm going to reach it and be able to maintain it for the rest of my life.

It takes time to get on track, and it takes time to get your cravings under control. So give yourself a time line, and make a plan. You can do this. Just think about how great you will feel when your kids learn healthy habits from you. I know that's one of the things that keeps me going and on track, that by living this way maybe my kids will never really have to battle the bulge quite like mom had to.

You might start with this easy exercise. Record your food intake for 3 days, don't diet, don't change anything, just record. Then study your habits, believe me you will be surprised by some of it. Then once you have an idea of where you're at, you can begin to make changes.

Deep breath, ready, set, go....
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hello jakevoll,
i totally feel your frustration! i know how it feels to carry around a lot of weight, try everything that comes to mind and still not be able to lose or lose and gain it right back! i was quite so frustrated too, but finding fitday was the end of the frustration for me and i think it's also going to be the end of the frustration for you! just remember log in all your food honestly. that alone helps you make so many better choices and guide you in the right direction. support groups here are amazing, so any question you have, or anytime you need help just ask for it and this amazing people let you know of what they have tried and has worked for them. i'm sure you'll be fine, give it your best and log in the food and come to the fourms for help, ideas and motivations. good luck to you!
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Hiya jakevoll, welcome to fitday which i believe is the best support for anybody wanting to lose weight and get healthy. Ive been in the same situation and understand how you feel.
Im Tracey, im 25 and i weigh 12st 2lbs(170lbs), im 5ft 3in and ive got 2 children age 7 and 5.
Ever since having my kids ive always been big, i gained 4stone in my first pregnancy(totally from over-eating,i was young and naive and thought the weight would fall off,nobody told me different). I learnt and gained 2stone with my second child. For years i was unhappy and ashamed with my body,i was in a bad relationship and comfort ate for four years. My weight crept up to 16st 10lb(235lbs). The biggest id ever been- i tried so many diets but just didnt have the willpower to keep going. I didnt realise how big i was until i saw a photo and realised that my size 18's were too tight! I thought id be like this forever but then i met the man of my dreams and my confidence started to shine. At last i met somebody who loves me for everything i am. So i stayed big and happy for 4 years.
Last July i chose to lose weight for my health and to look better.My father had a heart attack. This was my wake up call!!! Ive now lost 4 and a half stone and i never thought id be wearing size 14's.
I started fitday 2weeks ago and its kept me going and keeps me feeling positive.
Jakevoll you know that you can do it-you lost 25lbs in the past and it can be done again with the right support and thats what you have on the forums. We are all here to help you achive your goal. I too have wii fit but got to get back motivation to jump on!!
Good luck and keep posted,congratulate yourself for making the first step to a healthy and happy future
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Hi Jakevoll, welcome. If your in need of support this is the place to be. I've found so much support from the people in this forum.

You make perfect sense, I believe we've all been there, at some point (or we wouldn't be here, Everybody has that "ah ha" moment).

My defining moment was when I REALLY looked in the mirror after my shower one day. After I was done crying, I decided something needed done, that's when I found fitday. I log everything I eat and do (including sleep hours). If I don't, the only one I'm fooling is ME.

Take the time to figure this all out. To learn what works for you and YOUR lifestyle. You can do it. The tools you need are all right here, including the support. Use it all. You can do it, if I can...anybody can.
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