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Hey, all!
Why I haven't seen this post before this awfull weekend? :-(
So, OK...I'll try to forgive myself 2 days of zero exsercise but how to explain to myself Saturday's 2100 calories??? Grrrrrrrrr...Today 1800! And all that after great Friday when I saw for the first time after 7 days that my scale moved for 2 kg (down, of course :-D). Of course, I found myself an explanation - stupid one, but..."those days of the month", you know what I mean? It's great that we have weekend challenge. I think I'll need it for the next time :-)
Hope you all are doing fine...I can't wait for Monday to get back on track :-)
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Im totally with you zaba! My weekend could have been much better but i know the times i have weakness so im going to try some forward planning in time for the next one. If only i can tell my brain the same things as i can through the week!! Once i crack saturday and sunday like i have mon-fri i will be on the right path for success. I dont drink alcohol anymore-which ive got to say used to lower my appetite but im having a nicer time without it so its a good thing in one way. Just got to eat the right weekend foods!!
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Originally Posted by almeeker View Post
I vow for my own health and welfare, this weekend I will:

1. Weed, mulch and Preen at least 2 more flower beds (I have 5 left)
2. Get my veggie garden started
3. Limit my calories to 1,600 or less each day
4. Drink all my water before I drink a sip of Diet Coke
5. Hit the gym on Saturday for at least 75 min (800 cal burn minimum)
6. Go for a 30 min run on Sunday (or 60min elliptical if it's raining)
7. Give honey a little sugar... (hey, that burns calories too, especially if you give it "vigorous effort").
I'm checking in here on Sunday night so that I don't snack and wreck it before tomorrow morning.

1. Weeded, and Preened 2 1/2 flower beds (I was wrong I had 7 left - yikes), bought mulch today, haven't applied it, but will get on it tomorrow morning, half check.
2. Spent 3 hours running the rototiller today, arms are killing me, check.
3. Managed to keep calories to 1,599 Sat. and 1,589 Sun, check (near thing).
4. Drank all my water on Sat before a diet Coke, drank all my water on Sun, but mom handed me a diet Coke while I was running the rototiller and before I'd finished my last bottle of water, half check.
5. Hit the gym on Sat., 1 hour 25 min., check.
6. Went for a 30 minute run on Sun., check.
7. Gave honey a little sugar, check check check, and maybe once more later tonight...
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My weekends are usually are not so bad but it's bad when it comes together "those days of the month" (women's days), and dieting, rain and awfull weather...uffffffffffff...I hate it...I just want to stare through the window, or my computer or watch TV and eat some chocolate (yummmmmiiii :-D) or some salty snacks....
But, today I'm a new person :-)))
I came home from work and I already did my exercise (hour and a half :-D) and, of course, watched out for my calories...so, I guess that for now hard days are behind me...hope they will stay there :-)) (for all of us ;-) )
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Originally Posted by almeeker View Post
I'm checking in here on Sunday night so that I don't snack and wreck it before tomorrow morning.

7. Gave honey a little sugar, check check check, and maybe once more later tonight...
Wow - honey's going to get a cavity with all that sugar!

I could have done better this weekend, but I also could have done worse. I caved when they brought out the cake at my staff meeting on Friday, but I had a light dinner to make up for it. I did great on Saturday and stuck to 1,200 calories. Then on Sunday we did have a big dinner of steak and oven fries, but we had also paddled a Class 2 rapids for 90 minutes that morning - quite the workout! And I was proud of myself that we also walked around an outdoor flea market for 3 hours in the afternoon, and I got a 1 scoop ice cream cone when everyone wanted ice cream, and my son and I shared it, so I only ended up eating half of it. 3 weeks ago I would have ordered a double scoop and eaten the whole thing, so I've got to focus on the small victories! I ended up at 2,000 calories on Sunday, but burned about 500 more than I would have on a typical day. Hopefully it will even out!
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Originally Posted by montanacricket View Post
Seeing as I'll be running an outdoor classroom with over 125 sixth graders tomorrow, I have to be careful what I pack in my lunch. It'll be an almond butter sandwich on whole wheat, some greek yogurt with a dab of honey, and an apple most likely.

Over the weekend, I have a BUNCH of yardwork to get done and it's suppose to be nice, so exercise won't be a worry. Food will though. My goal is to keep my calories under 1500 unless I spend most of both days out working hard in the yard, then I'd like to keep them under 1700.

And I vow to only have 2 small glasses of wine.
Well so much for that! I did good with Friday's exercise, nearly 7 miles and almost 17,000 steps according to the pedometer. I was the "ranger" going between stations to make sure we were on track. I went over on calories, but pizza was GOOOD as was that one beer.

Saturday I over did on calories just by a bit, but was planting trees and doing yardwork nearly all day, so I think things evened out well.

Sunday I kept the calories in check and still did yard and housework, so it was an okay weekend.
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I so wish I had read this before the weekend. Every weekend I end up totally pigging out (e.g. pizza night, birthday parties, fundraisers, etc), by about 3500 calories. So...every weekend I gain a pound. Then I spend every Monday and Tuesday trying to lose that pound. I'm vowing now to keep it together this coming weekend. I'm going to start small...I will only overeat 1 day next weekend instead of 3!
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Originally Posted by Twinnermommy View Post
Great thread! I am planning a birthday party, so it will take effort not to snack as I am cooking cakes and then at the party itself. So I will stay under 1800 calories both Saturday and Sunday, and work out for 60 minutes tommorrow and take Sunday off. That is still stretching it, I could do better, but I'm just beginning so -- baby steps.
So I worked out for 30 minutes saturday but also vigorously clean my entire house (I was cleaning so fast I actually worked up a sweat - that's a first!) Ha of course you couldn't tell 10 minutes after the party started though.. I did snack a bit on Saturday but I stayed around 1700. Sunday was 1200 cuz I was too busy to eat. I thought this weekend would be a challenge for me (and it was because of exercise) but being that busy kind of distracted me from my usual snacking.

You are all inspiring me to do better though, it seems like most of you met your goals and that is great!
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Eatingwise was ok this weekend...better then most weekends...exercise nope didnt do it..couldnt talk myself into it this weekend...but have an extra walk in planned for wed evening...I think the key for weekends is for me to plan a walk with a friend and then I have to go....
Heres to next weekend!!! looks like everyone enjoyed this one.

Ill start a new thread for next weekend..here in Canada its a long weekend so some of us may post for monday as well to keep ourselves on track..as for fridays its up to you..if you consider it your weekend go for it! if not..dont worry about it.

Good going ladies!!! WE CAN DO IT
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