is some weight gain normal for women as they age?

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Default is some weight gain normal for women as they age?

Hi guys! I'm 5 ft 4 and 19 years old. I weighed 103 lbs in high school and now I weigh about 107. I guess it's worth noting that all I did for exercise in high school was ballet and now I'm working out six days a week and often lifting weights, so I know some of that must be muscle... and I'm really proud of my musculature and my meticulous maintenance of healthy habits and things. But I'm just wondering- is weight gain for women after high school normal? I see all of these articles online about how to keep your weight down in college, but from what I've heard from most of my friends (who have gained a couple pounds since high school but still look fine) it seems like something that just happens to womens' bodies.

At the end of the day I just want to know if and when I need to start worrying!
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Using a BMI calculator, your BMI is 18.4, which is 'underweight.' Why would you worry about 4 pounds when you are underweight?

I'm pretty sure that if you ask your doctor, his response would come from the best place of knowledge of your health and history. But I'd be surprised if he thought your gaining 4 pounds was a cause for alarm, given your BMI. Check with him anyway - if you want to know when to start worrying, he's your best source of info.
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I personally believe that weight gain as we age is normal. This doesn't mean that everyone will become overweight as an adult, but as you mature, so does your body. Our bodies continue to change throughout life...every part just is.

It's great that you are concious of your health and staying active now that you no longer do ballet. You're setting up good habits for yourself to follow as you age. However, you certainly don't need to worry about your weight at 5' 4" and 107 lbs., but to be aware of your health and maintain your level of fitness at any age is wise.

All the best!
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Thank you guys for taking my concerns seriously! I know I'm probably analyzing it too closely, but I'm so used to being a scrawny waif with a fast metabolism;I don't want to end up not worrying about it enough as I age and gaining unhealthy weight. I guess I'll know if I become unsatisfied with the way I look, haha.
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