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I stopped drinking when my kids were little as I was the primary caregiver and needed to be fully functioning and be able to drive at the drop of a hat. - I would have a glass of wine in the late afternoon or with dinner. So I stopped - 15 years- the as they got a drivers license I began - on my solo holidays in the warmth of Mexico or some other country I drank every day and sometimes for a party. I have been diagnosed with CVID so gut health is hugely important for my health so once again I have stopped. If your husband wants to drink that should not influence your choice. When I did not drink and attended parties I was #1 the designated driver and #2 irritated by all talk that I should just have a drink. I respect the right of others to drink so respect my right not to. Substitute your glass of wine with some decaf herbal tea. AS for your goal take it a week at a time a pound at a time- it can be daunting to look at the total amount you want to lose and then you may think it impossible.
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So gald to know I'm not the only one out there. Love your honesty. I too have gotten WAY too used to drinking 3-5 glasses of red wine, or more nightly and feeling just fine in the morning but the weight! You are energizing me.
I'm 52, 5'3, and 148 pounds, my highest ever. Just went up to a size 14! Oprah said once, "Girl, you are just one good weekend away from the beginning of the end."
You can do it. We can do it.
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Default wine?

When I need to lose weight I low carb. I love wine and drink lots of it, but when low carbing I drink alcohol with soda.... vodka & soda with a twist of lime, or scotch & soda....
no carbs and the weight comes off...

female in my 60's.... fitday name cuz none of my others were acceptable...
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