Restaurant and Weekend Survival Tips!

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Default Restaurant and Weekend Survival Tips!

Hey everyone!

I wanted to know what your best tricks and tips are for eating out at Restaurants, and surviving a weekend without going overboard!

I find it tough to restrain myself when it comes to weekend eating/drinking with friends- and most of them of course don't understand why "I won't have just one drink, or a few appetizers" (usually fried of course!) Sometimes I feel like the bad guy or that I should just indulge (but you always feel way worse once you go home and realize you could have stayed on track).

Anyhow! Sorry to drag on and I look forward to a healthy week full of tough workouts :-) Good luck ladies
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im very new to this site but I already like it...mainly because im not the only one who needs all the support I can get to reach my weight loss goals so I think to answer your question is- dont feel like the 'bad guy' because you aren't the only person who goes out with friends and has the same things happen! I think knowing that, and doing other things like drinking a lot of water to fill you up and alternating that between your drink or food and trying to look at the menu with a clear head or mentally rationing out what would be a healthier choice is a good thing. And then of course like I said- knowing that there are tons of women (myself included) who struggle with it, maybe it will be easier to make good choices? Hope it helps and good luck!!
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I'm having the same problem. I have a pretty big commute to work each day so I have to have eat out on my lunch break everyday. It's so hard to eat well when fast food is your only choice...
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Default Lunch is killing me

Lunch is hard on me, too. In addition to trying to lose weight I am also cutting out all red meat for January. The closest place to eat for me is McDonalds, but I know if I go there I will get the mcdouble and a large soda.

This past weekend I killed myself with the soda. I am trying to avoid soda and can handle it during the week, but as soon as the weekend gets here GIVE ME MY DR PEPPER.
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one thing i've noticed that helps is to if possible plan ahead what you are going to order. Like tonight, i know the hubby and i are going out to eat (fast food) because of our crazy thursday schedule and no food that is convenient to bring. so i told the hubby we needed to decide before hand where we are gonna go. So i was able to plan accordingly (i ate a bit of a smaller lunch and i looked online at nutritional values to know what i will or will not order.)
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I agree with randomrachel. My trick is also to plan in advance. When my husband and I go to our favorite places on weekends, I plan ahead what I am going to order by checking out calories, etc. before I leave the house. When I get there, I don't even look at a menu because it would be far too tempting to order something fattening and bad for me when I'm starving. Many times, if I'm unfamiliar with a menu, and I don't see anything that fits into my diet plan, I just ask. All they can say is no. You'd be surprised how helpful waitresses will be in getting you what you want. Hope this helps.
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